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Dec-06-2016 Categories: news

I've played osrs on and off, endure year i pked in f2p it was alive with


  Now i play RuneScape Gold and there's a cogent abatement of clanning.

  And there's a huge access in affecting kids admonishment pures in


  So if are they gonna accompany TB to F2P to change the pking dynamics


  Are they gonna poll it again? just for P2P idiots who will vote no for an

amend that will accept little to no aftereffect on their day to day osrs


  This is accepting ridiculous, majority of the pking F2P association wants

TB yet it can't be done because non-F2P pking association voted no on an amend

that doesnt even fucking affect them whatsoever!

  This is just a rant, afresh again, how are you gonna allure new players to

this bold if F2P is abandoned? F2P fabricated runescape acclaimed aback then,

why carelessness it now if you're disturbing to accumulate the money rolling


  They're absolutely not disturbing man, and I'm abiding they'd rather not

accord out incentives to not pay for associates either.