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Dec-09-2016 Categories: news

Hi Jagex, can you amuse fix the familliar skull ambush in Wildy?Ok, so i was

up in 35 wildy killing Lava Strykes, and this guy comes over to me and says some

bs that was acutely a scam. Before i could log, he al of a sudden attacked me,

and my familliar that i had with me auto-retaliated assimilate him,

appropriately skulling me.RuneScape Gold And so i absent all my accessory for no acumen


  A Friend has a acceptable video about this exact problem:


  Time to go aback and acreage for hexcrest and armadyl gear...

  Wait did your auto retaliate advance him or the the familiar? Because if

it's the aboriginal one you are an idiot and its no one's fault.Did he hit you

with a affection bonbon maul? Had the aforementioned affair at revs I didn't hit

aback though.

  Implying that the onus is on the player? There is a acutely authentic way

that the wilderness is declared to operate, and a artifice has been apparent to

force the victims into accomplishing something that goes adjoin the way that

breadth is declared to operate.

  The actuality charcoal that Jagex has either: not gotten about to it, or

has no affairs to fix it. If the acknowledgment is the additional afresh that's

apropos in its own right, but if it's the aboriginal afresh I achievement it's

because of a adequately acceptable reason.

  Led abatement in during a beachcomber afterwards wildy account absolution

if cpk had massive numbers. Aswell alone jmod who does warbands in a accepted FC

is Harrison w/Requiem so yeah lol.

  If it was a baseless amphitheater jerk humans would forget, it's not.edit

cpk's sole purpose is to corruption bugs.

  I in fact achievement they fix this. Because if they did I would feel a

little added assured in bringing out added admired items like my own anchorage

armor and a appropriate weapon.

  Although I accept apparent on this subreddit anytime aback compensation

hunter came out that there are allegedly means to get anyone to skull even if

they are authoritative in fact abiding that they are not beat on anyone

afterwards a familiar,Cheap RS Gold so maybe these bugs will never be fixed.