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Dec-01-2016 Categories: news

Cambridge-based gaming business Jagex has addled a accord to accessible its

aboriginal London office,RuneScape Gold in a bid by its new Chinese owners to woo tech


  The video bold developer abaft ballista bold Block N Load has active a

charter with Abundant Portland Estates for 10,600 aboveboard anxiety at 30

Broadwick Street in Soho, with top-end hire of about £100 per aboveboard


  Jagex, founded in 2001 and now boasting 500 staff, was awash in the summer

for about $400 actor (£321 million) to Chinese broker Zhongji, which wants to

accompany PC-based fantasy hit Runescape to smartphones.

  Leasing agents, Colliers International and Edward Charles & Partners,

brash on the offices deal, breadth there is amplitude for up to 100 new

employees. Accession new addressee at the architecture is BCG Digital


  London’s tech breadth is still rapidly accretion — Facebook afresh appear

affairs to go on a hiring spree,Cheap RS Gold and Apple active a accord to accessible a ample

address in Battersea.

  Google is aswell developing a above new appointment in King's Cross.

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