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Apr-16-2018 Categories: news

From Animate actor to Escape from Dejected Zone. This was the affliction update! Now, we can't fight, we can't loot, we just charge to run to the next circle.

Now, if I see a amateur animate in foreground of me I charge to choose, or I try to annihilate him and die from dejected zone, or I run and achievement to him not to see me.

Every time I died from Dejected area I just abutting the bold and go play added stuff.

I acquire to die from a Bug, from a acceptable sniper, even a cheater, but die from Dejected area sucks.

If you wish accomplish a abutting action game, just abate the maps!

So I played aback pre absolution and I bethink that this is not the aboriginal time they change the adhesive and accident of the blue.

That said, for me, there is absoluetly no alibi for dieing to the blue. I die to addition player, to a car blast or whatever. Dieing to the dejected is a amateur thing.

Making the amphitheater faster is a acceptable way to anticipate abode sitting simulator, backcountry wookie actor and camping in accepted (so abundant for the ppl claiming "tactical approach").

It aswell prevents ppl from blockage out in the dejected too continued and healing up and delay till things acquire settled, than entering from abaft anybody (which was a accepted strat).

These change IMO armament players to in actuality 'play' the bold and by that I beggarly move, appoint in battles, be bigger than your enemy.

More 'skill based' if you want, as in I can't delay till the guy moves accomplished me and shoot him in the aback because I'm arena "tactical".

Vehicles become added important if you are far from the amphitheater authoritative them credibility of interest. You may even acquire to boodle beneath and alpha your way to the area earlier, afore you got your accessories in your 'comfort zone'.

The abandoned affair I acquire apropos this application is in the arid map. Because it's so big, if you are far abroad from the amphitheater AND acquisition no vehicle, you are basically screwed.

Since you'll not access the aboriginal amphitheater per pedes until the additional one starts, consistent in added damage.

Waiting for the downvote train of cheap PUBG Skins.

Tl;dr: Changes will admonition acceptable players to flash added while backbreaking accidental band and boodle horders.