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Apr-10-2018 Categories: news

I've gotten the bold afresh and accept racked up 76 hours (PC) and a few things accept become credible to me.

I've won 6 times and for some acumen all on the arid map. I accept to get afflicted every time on the aboriginal map if it comes to accepting in the top 10. The a lot of kills I've gotten in a banquet is 11 how do I acquisition added humans (I accept they are all hiding)

I can't acquaint about at all area I'm accepting attempt from so I accept to do a awe-inspiring jumping ritual aggravating to see area the buried ballista is. How can I accomplish this action easier.

The m416 is god bank and kills humans afore they can even say "oh no!" ( I like this but abhorrence this)

The cars are aswell in fact capricious and can could cause abounding deaths from accidental flipping. (Side agenda what is up with the spectating and afterlife cams they attending like robots and are cutting were they aren't even aiming)

How to locate humans if accepting attempt at from the far. Aswell allegation a tip on how to abstain about burning afterlife from m416 and just some general* acceptable pointers that would advance my bold sense. I've begin that bridges accept afterlife accounting all over them.

Make abiding you accept a semi appropriate headset. Im still experimenting with sirround complete but accepted accord is that stereo is the a lot of reliable. If you alpha accepting attempt at, accept for the access from the annular traveling off, not the crack or blare it makes as it goes past. They're audibly altered sounds. Afresh as old acquaintance said, attending for cage beam to define their position.

The 416 doesn't accept a decidedly college time to annihilate than any added burglarize (though it is advised the arch automated burglarize in the bold atm). The best affair you can do is breach acute if searching for added playerd and accede where they may be.

If you haven't already, I'd reccomend arena a mix of FPP and TPP too. FPP teaches the fundamentals of the bold mechanics, how to peak. Aswell teaches bigger map movements imo as you can get TPP camera ailing about corners. TPP does teach you how to position abaft altered types of cover, though, and area you're in abounding or fractional cover.

I'd reccomend watching some PUBG Skins youtube videos. WTFmoses, and wackyjacky do some in fact acceptable advisory videos. If you ambition anyone to watch, ChocoTaco is advised one of the best players on the NA server and has some alarming videos up and streams all the time too.