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Apr-13-2018 Categories: news

Am I the alone one that finds the Blue Breadth MORE annoying? Bluehole said they were aggravating to accomplish it so players wouldn't accept to argue with/worrying about dying to the Blue Breadth so abundant and yet, every annular I've been in aback this amend is accomplished with issues.

Every safe breadth so far has started FAR from the flight path, never already anywhere on it in 10 circuit today. And the arduous acceleration of the biking of the Blue Breadth as able-bodied as the beneath time amid it moving, has fabricated it, to me, to be even added of a hassle.

Its like you HAVE to bead in the boilerplate of the map, analysis one house, afresh booty ass to the Blue Zone. Looting is about non-existent now.

I've apparent abounding players in the final 10 with Bank 1 accessory and alone one primary weapon.

Also, it seems that affliction bales are about consistently bottomward out of the safe breadth now. Thoughts?

PUBG is awesome! But I accept this change has been negative. I alone admired the anxiety of the assorted camping credibility and the added time to move around.

This change has fabricated it feel like a "race". You loot, afresh drive to bend of circle. If you didnt get advanced of the zone, you accept abundant time to alleviate and arch to the next circle.

We in actuality try and be the aboriginal to center. Non stop hasty to center. The RNG now comes in as "is that occupied" and will they abort you for attempting to yield their compound?

This is too fast paced, and puts too abundant RNG babble in, all in the name of "action per minute" and demography out the "boring" sections of the bold to get some of the activity junkies satisfied.

Go play COD or CSGO if you wish APM. The astriction comes with the calm in this game, and its gone.. I alone feel the bold got worse

EDIT: One affair I noticed that this has done is affected players to in actuality absolute their boodle times, and it to me, makes it added RNG of "who got the lvl 1 armor and who got the 3".

Many abounding amateur aback the amend I havent had the adeptness to absorb the time to acquisition an Auto 5.56MM gun. Im ashore active an AKM. I dont like RNG in the bold to be honest. I like it to be a bout of wit and skill.

Bluehole amuse amend and backslide these changes.

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