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In the Incursion Claiming League, charlatan Alva Valai is analytic for the age-old Vaal abundance temple of Atzoatl. Biking aback in time to ascertain the area of the temple and poe currency change its history to maximise your reward.

Path of Exile's June Amend includes the Incursion League, new items, new gems and a massive adapt to abounding iconic skills.

The Temple of Atzoatl Built at the acme of the long-dead Vaal Empire, the Temple of Atzoatl holds food of untold abundance and the citizenry of a baby city.

But in the deathwatch of a adverse event, the temple and its secrets were swallowed by the jungle, abandoned by the world... until now.

Temporal Incursions Anniversary time you appointment Alva in the wilderness, she can attainable a time portal, acceptance you to appointment the Temple of Atzoatl during its construction.

Your abrupt appointment can be continued by laying decay to its inhabitants. These visits acquiesce Alva to apprentice its area in the present day, and acquiesce you to admission its capacity and acquire its rewards.

Plunder Atzoatl Afterwards almost a dozen Temporal Incursions, Alva will accept narrowed down the abreast area of the Temple of Atzoatl.

Together, you can analyze the jungle, ascertain the temple and affirmation its treasures. Anniversary blazon of allowance in the temple has its own different risks and rewards.

Change the Course of History Your accomplishments in the accomplished accept cogent consequences. By killing the Vaal Architects who adviser the temple's construction, you can admission what apartment arise in the abreast version.

During your Incursions, you may acquisition keys that can be acclimated to alleviate doors in the past, acceptance admission to added apartment in the future.

Balance your Risk and Accolade By traveling into the accomplished and influencing the Vaal Architects to advancement the apartment they are building, you can admission even greater treasures.

Many upgraded apartment appear with rewards aces of the cogent crisis they acquaint into the temple.

New Trap Gems and Vaal Accomplishment Gems Content Amend 3.3.0 introduces 12 new gems. Because Incursion is a Vaal-themed expansion, we're abacus six new Vaal Skills.

In addition, there are 5 new Trap Abilities and a new Trap Support Gem which advice coalesce the Trapper as a body to be reckoned with.

Revamped Absolute Abilities In accession to the 12 new gems mentioned above, we've reworked about twenty absolute abilities in adjustment to alleviate even added gameplay options.

We've fabricated changes to the effects, mechanics, action and antithesis of these gems to accompany them up to the ability and superior levels of avant-garde Path of Exile skills. Assorted systems like Ignite accept aswell been improved.

Powerful New Items In accession to the 12 new gems declared above, Content Amend 3.3.0 aswell includes 28 new Different Items, 20 new Divination Cards and abounding added changes.

Incursion Supporter Packs We're aswell ablution two sets of Supporter Packs alongside Content Amend 3.3.0 - the Conquest and Council Supporter Packs.

There are two amount credibility attainable for anniversary and they affection absolute Armour Sets as able-bodied as Aperture Effects, Weapon Effects, Cloaks, Social Frames, Forum Titles and more!

Path of Exile: Incursion will barrage on June 1 (PDT) on PC and June 4 on Xbox One.