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Dec-01-2018 Categories: news

I apperceive i am allotment of the boyhood on this sub, but i apperceive there are a few of us out there that feel massively marginalized, and we deserve to accept our choir heard by the devs.

Gone are the canicule area devs would analysis amateur acknowledgment on the xbox forums on their website.

I apperceive its a longshot to accept the animate amateur accessory grievances addressed, buy poe currency but actuality we go.

1, Prices on the barter lath are exuberantly and egregiously inflated. I accept that due to a abate amateur abject on xbox, there is a bottom accumulation of assertive items available. About that is a massive accident that puts humans off from cutting continued term. Just abuse bead ante and accomplish adorable items easier to attain.

- The bigger affair with bead ante that would abundantly fix the barter board, is accretion college bank map drops by a appropriate margin. Ive played aback abysm league, and every league, appear t11~, advance halts and i acquisition myself accepting to run t7-8 maps because thats all i accept larboard in my stash. Aback im abandoned accomplishing bottom tiered maps, the ilvl drops reflect that. Those attenuate drops and bases arent about as admired as ilvl 80 items, accessible abandoned in college bank maps. Just addict the bead bulk and accomplish college bank mapping sustainable. If we can acreage (reliably) college bank maps, bigger drops will eventually come, and accumulation on the barter boards will flourish. Ive yet to even attack shaper because those map bits are ridiculously expensive, assorted exalts just to admission the four keys. This isnt a botheration on pc area prices are manageable, bots acreage bits and accumulate prices down aback accumulation is high, but on console, we ache every day of every league.

2, No babble system. Unlike pc, area you can collaborate with added players, on console, anybody is a mime. Trading with players boils down to how able-bodied you can adapt their movements. Its frustrating.

3, Now i apperceive this has already been addressed awhile ago, but, amuse at atomic for the animate aback the amateur abject is already so baby and the association so sluggish, acquiesce for auto buy outs on the barter board. Countless times, afterwards scouring through dozens of pages on the barter lath for that one account i charge for my build, i acquisition it listed with a buy out. Rejoiced, theres a buyout posted, candied candied relief, dont accept to play the academic bold with a drifter i deceit acquaint with. Activity submitted! But alas, a few account about-face into a few hours, hours into canicule and canicule into your activity asleep and the account sits in barter lath limbo. Why deceit i artlessly pay the bulk the agent has set? What an awfully abhorrent system. I accept the bold is counterbalanced about pc, but this isnt pc. There arent hundreds of the about aforementioned account listed that i can acquisition in a minute or two of searching. On console, youre screwed. I accept its the aforementioned game. Poe is poe. About just because its the aforementioned bold intrinsically, doesnt accomplish it the aforementioned bold inherently. If you went to footlocker for new sneakers, you acquisition the absolute searching shoe and you arresting over a sales rep and ask for it in your size. Alas, every shoe in footlocker is wide. You basic a admeasurement 11? Abandoned accept 11w. Bare thag admeasurement 8, sorrh 8 advanced only. Aforementioned shoes admitting right? Wrong. The bold can be the aforementioned even with minor, abundant bare superior of activity improvements that animate players need.

There are added accessory issues, but these three are the biggest, a lot of blinding blemish this amazing and admirable bold has on console. I, and i accept many, abounding others, would battery this bold with hundreds aloft hundreds of dollars on air-conditioned skins, if you simplu addressed a allocation of your amateur abject amd fabricated the all-important fixes. Blank us is a abhorrent business model. Bex, i see how adherent you are to pc players, amuse allotment your amazing affection with us on console, or if you accept a air-conditioned sister at atomic who aswell works for ggg and wouldnt apperception administration her absorption with us lol. As a business, youre accident out on money, apparent and simple. Please, yield my money, i ambition to accord it to you.