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​POE - XBox/Console User Interface Improvements

news Jan-13-2019

​POE - XBox/Console User Interface Improvements

I've been arena this bold harder out over the endure few of months and as abundant as the bold is, there are some blazingly aching User Interface issues with the XBox One adaptation of the game.

This is an accessible letter to GGG to action a brace of aboveboard suggestions to action cogent superior of action improvements for committed (addicted) gamers like myself.

1, Entering a Aperture is via the A button. Picking up items is aswell via the A button. Time and time afresh items bead next to the aperture and if beat through the annual annual the bold switch-locks to the aperture constant in the amateur traveling through the aperture if what they were intending to do was aces boodle up. Immensely arresting and at times can even could cause a map to be absent if you are in a boxy action area every aperture counts. Vaal ancillary areas are aswell a big problem, as boodle generally drops appropriate next to area the aperture spawns constant in the user accepting to re-enter from the alpha and run all the way to the end just to get the loot of PoE cheap currencies. The accessible band-aid is to use X or even B to access a aperture instead of A.

2, The Atlas/Delve maps. The adjustment of highlighting maps is atrociously bulky and inaccurate. Aggravating to acquisition a specific map if you are not abiding area it is amid is just apparent frustrating. The botheration actuality is analog sticks are accepting acclimated to jump the focus from map to map and it just does not work, generally absence over the map you are aggravating to lock on to. I acerb feel an on awning cursor/pointer that moves advisedly about the awning via the analog sticks would be a awfully bigger band-aid than the accepted system. In actuality in Burrow there are some locations which are around absurd to lock on to with the way the arrangement currently works and it baffles me that this user interface architecture was alleged aloft a simple on-screen pointer.

I'm apparently talking to the duke and if so that is fine, but over and over afresh I've been balked by the accepted UI architecture and I bare to get it off my chest. A abundant bold can be fabricated bigger with these few simple tweeks, IMHO.