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​POE - Wtf even destroys pumps bisected the time

news Oct-05-2019

​POE - Wtf even destroys pumps bisected the time

So i was active a beefed up austere t15 map, had 30sec on the timer, in actuality annihilation can get central the pump allowance because ive body too abounding scout/metor building accurate by ton of slows.

No monster could get central the pump allowance so aggregate was searching great.

Then out of the blue, the pump took 30% of its hp so i alpha to pay added attention, i still dont see any red dots "close enough" to the pump to accident it so im cerebration maybe i didnt apprehension and it took some accident aboriginal on.

Few abnormal later, the pump just dies. No abstraction what dead it, ive had absurd advantage of every lane/wave but the pump somehow still got destroyed.

No, it wasnt any ranged mobs, PoE currency because the pump was in a bankrupt breadth area ranged mobs dont even accept band of afterimage (dont anticipate they can even accident it but im not 100% sure)

So there goes yet addition austere map and 0 rewards for spending 4min accomplishing nothing. Because the pump got destroyed. Still accept no clue what even destroys them that way.

Blight alliance is great. 10/10