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​POE - Would anyone be absorbed in accumulation play

news Nov-07-2019

​POE - Would anyone be absorbed in accumulation play

I'm searching for 5-6 humans to accompany me at the alpha of next alliance as a able team/group, I don't beggarly a accumulation of accompany that all plays their own builds. I beggarly like Empyriangaming stuff.

I wish to get mirrors aural the aboriginal 2 weeks. I wish to absorb a few weeks amphitheatre with a accumulation to backing the absoluteness butt of the league. So if you aren't aware, there are 6-7 roles in a affair like this.

Mapping Party

MF carry

Aura bot

Mana guardian

Curse bot

Shock bot

Single ambition carry

Then you accept your Economist, which is the accepting that sits in the cover and trades abroad aggregate the aggregation gets for aqueous currency, and aliment the aggregation with sextants, chisels, maps for album progression etc.

The top 3 you charge are the carry, the ambience bot, and the economist i'm appealing sure.

I alluringly wish up to at atomic the backbone guardian (cause that'll accomplish it appealing simple to live). I would like to play the carry, but I can play one of the supports, I can abstraction up and be the economist but alluringly I'd like anyone from the Reddit to yield over that role.

If anyone's absorbed just DM me or column a acknowledgment actuality with any questions/comments/concerns.

Timezone : US Central Accepted UTC/GMT: -6 hours

Texas is the server I play on but I can play anywhere in the US with sub 100 ping.