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Nov-04-2018 Categories: news

I abandoned accept 5L Windripper and QoTF appropriate now. i accept like 80c and extenuative for 6L QoTF. But my attenuate convulsion is not as good. I'm apprehensive if I should buy a shitty stats Shaper +1 arrow convulsion or save it for QoTF 6L first.

And I dont accept money to buy 12ex Rigwald, so that's far end in the future, like months of playing. Don't appetite to accede it now.

With 5L, I abandoned can use Tornado attempt with either Delusion or GMP, or some dmg gem like Ice bite. For now until I can get the 6L, should I use delusion & GMP, or delusion & Ice bite, or GMP & Icebite? Which admixture do bigger in speedclear with abundant dps to do low bank maps?

The Shaper convulsion is acceptable for me and I can use it for a continued time, or I should blitz 6L QoTF and get on with agriculture Rigwald's and accumulate application shitty attenuate convulsion for the time being? I don't anticipate I can acreage 12 ex in a anniversary or two, maybe a month.

Also my IG: kanturuand for anyone if you wanna attending at my builds to see which can be improved.

If you are afterwards authentic coins because you are poor, I would acclaim switching to a deposit farmer with PoE currency. With little investment added than respec'ing a Scion/Ranger (~50-100 affliction orbs), you can accomplish like 20-50 exalts in a abandoned week.

All accessory can be bought for air-conditioned cheap:

1) Devoto's - 1c

2) QotF - 1c (only needs 3L)

3) Screaming Eagle - 1c

4) Ascent from Flesh - 2c

5) Atziri's Footfall - 1c

6) Accidental artifice + activity rares (gloves, shield) - 1c each

7) Accidental adornment for stats/life - 1-5c

8) Accidental move acceleration or regen jewels - 1-5c

The best affair about deposit runners is that you can ability with unsold fossils for your own builds or distinctively acreage fossils that are harder to buy. I accept fabricated affluence of end bold crafts myself this alliance which I begin to be absolute satisfying.