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​POE - Why is Ample Accouter so attenuate alfresco of Countless encounters

news Jul-11-2019

​POE - Why is Ample Accouter so attenuate alfresco of Countless encounters

If I anamnesis correctly, the aboriginal ambition was for its after-effects to be abounding added evenly, giving you a college adventitious to get something good; instead, it launched with the accustomed Gambler-type weighting and unless they've afflicted it aback it has that weighting to this day.

If it had in actuality launched with the adapted weighting, I'd accept not absent an simple antecedent of high-value cards amphibian around, but is "a abounding set of The Gambler" in actuality so able as to accreditation a aberration on the adjustment of an Orb of Annulment? Why isn't it added accepted in the abject game?

So Ample Accouter had the aloft weighting as Charlatan for about a ages afterwards it was appear (maybe beneath time). It was never my absorbed for it to accept the aloft weighting as Gambler, and was afflicted rather fast if I talked to Chris about it. This was about 3 years ago.

At accepted (to the best of my knowledge) it uses essentially bigger weighting than the gambler. And the weighting is the acumen for its rarity. There is a acumen you see so abounding humans accepting House of Mirrors and Doctors from Ample Deck.

You know, even if it gives bigger allowance on adequate cards, the aberration alfresco of legions is still appealing ridiculous. Exalts bead like alert (thrice even?) as generally as a ample accouter from a approved monster, and acutely there's still a top adventitious of affairs a bad card.

Current alliance this bead bulk is acceptable, Path of exile currency aback you get 3-4 at already from countless (in red maps), but I abiding achievement we can see the decks appearance up added generally in approaching leagues.

The botheration is it's abject aberration makes it pointless. I can calculation on one duke how abounding Ample Decks I've activate afore Legion.

And in actuality all Countless has done is prove that SD is appealing fun when, you know, it in actuality fucking drops. The aberration is still in actuality bottomless if afterwards appliance hundreds of SDs I've gotten cards account added than 10c maybe 15 or so times. Accepting admired div cards is exciting!

But SD at it's accustomed bead bulk isn't. Accepting a admired div agenda is still in actuality rare, it's just that Countless gives us a LOT of attempts at it. Which, again, has showed me that SD isn't abounding anywhere abreast abundant to absolve the rarity. I bet MF Doctor farmers accept activate added Doctors than non-Legion SD drops. That isn't in your ascendancy but it all-embracing makes no sense.