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​POE - Why does it accept to be done on the server

news Jan-06-2019

​POE - Why does it accept to be done on the server

If an absolute afterlife epitomize is too hard, afresh why not just a epitomize of what happened for the endure 10 seconds? I don't allegation the bold to clarify any advice for me if I can just re-watch the moments afore death. 99% of deaths can be figured out just by re-watching them with abounding attention.

The game's servers already lag if there's too abounding "allies cannot die" mobs on the screen. The acumen accepting there are too abounding damage-related calculations traveling on and the server deceit handle it. So what you ambition is for all of those to also be abandoned recorded and stored, afresh candy beatific aback to the user in a clear and barefaced format. I accomplishment you can see why this adeptness be a bit hard.

Why does it accept to be done on the server? The applicant already has to action aggregate the server sends to affectation to the user, I don't see why a afterlife epitomize couldn't be 100% client-side functionality.

A afterlife epitomize would accept to be done server-side because it needs the basal calculations for all the mechanics in adjustment to anatomize out abandoned accident sources. But as I said, that's not all-important for 99% of deaths, breadth the user can figure out what happened just by seeing it again. A epitomize should abandoned crave abstracts that was already accessible to the client.

Hell, humans who beck PoE *already* almanac all of their gameplay and can abundantly go aback and re-watch their deaths and usually bulk out what dead them. Recording video on OBS acutely doesn't put any bulk on GGG's servers, but functionally achieves what I'm describing. It just requires ambience up added software alfresco of PoE and carries a lot of aerial that isn't all-important for anyone who just wants to see their deaths.

All I ambition is a argument breakdown of say, the endure 10 sources of accident I took and breadth they came from. Abounding deaths are my own accountability from playi g recklessly, but there are affluence of times I get insta gibbed with no compassionate of breadth I went wrong.

Sources of damage, or hits taken as damage? Caus those are different. Do you ambition modifiers, like blame debuffs etc? Do you allegation to apperceive if they crit or not? Do you allegation to apperceive what locations of your arresting layers were up, if they succeeded/failed in their randomness, and to what admeasurement they mitigated accident in that accurate instance or not? What about cachet ailments, or DoT effects? Do you allegation to apperceive about abandoned accident mechanics, like if lightning damage happened to cycle lucky? What about the mods on the mob - was it a turbo buffed Yellow mob with cool rippy modifiers or just some boilerplate debris mob? What happens if you accord all this info, and yet the absolute acumen why you died happened added than 10 instances ago so all of it is kinda irrelevant? - point is this isnt as simple as humans in this cilia makes it seem.

For anniversary of these questions your acknowledgment to yes/no will acceptable alter from anybody elses. And the simple actuality is this: the added you impaired this arrangement down, the beneath acceptable it is to appearance you the acknowledgment to what you cared about: "why i died" - and the added acceptable it is to end up accepting like LoL's afterlife epitomize arrangement and be of no use to anybody. Ends up accepting beeline up misleading, causing added confusion. Giving the amateur ailing bidding advice for the account of simplicity is a bad thing.

But afresh again, if you accord the amateur a printout of in fact aggregate that happened to your appearance for the accomplished few abnormal they are traveling to allegation a PhD in the PoE Wiki to even vaguely accept it - and it massively convolutes the answer. The acumen will be in there somewhere, but acceptable luck award it. Afresh added generally than not amateur (shit, even absolute experienced) players will draw incorrect abstracts - this time from too abundant data. And it will probably end up accepting a massive about-face off for new players - who wont be any the wiser as to why they in actuality died.

Finding a average arena is absolute tricky, cheap poe currency and like you said this arrangement is a lot of advantageous to players if the acknowledgment isnt accessible - which makes it even added difficult to affectation the in actuality accordant mechanics in your abandoned bearings clearly to the player. Cipher needs a epitomize to acquaint them "dodge shaper bang you idiot". But if the acumen you died is a aggregate of assorted overlapping systems at once, its abundant harder to acquaint the amateur absolutely "why" they died in a advantageous way.