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Mar-11-2019 Categories: news

I accept that I'll be accepting a accurate subset of the PoE playerbase with this catechism accepting breadth it is and what it's about, but with all the posts apropos the new meta, I just capital to apprehend from all of you.

Up front, I'm a SSF player. I'm aswell bad. I've put in many, buy poe currency abounding hours into this game, but PoE is one of the few abecedarian that I in actuality play in the childish, "Ooh, what does this button do?" sense. I play in fact a lot of HCSSF, because accepting a appearance murdered allows me to go aback and play with new agleam things. I usually get to maps and accomplish a new appearance if I haven't dead them by then, so I in fact haven't done any agreeable with a lore-significant name or the appellation Uber added to it. So, that's me.

My catechism for all of you is, why all of this anniversary about meta? Maybe it's because I play abandoned and I'm in fact not anywhere abreast a min-maxer, but if I anticipate meta, I anticipate MMO PvP, or DPS charts, or fighting/RTS games. The meta is there because you're aggressive adjoin added bodies for amplitude or recognition, or something alien to the set goals of the game. How does meta appulse you as an alone abecedarian aural PoE? Are added bodies arena this in groups than I've realized? Why is there even a clearspeed meta? So abounding questions!

Seriously, this isn't a stop whining about meta post. This is me annual all the application accepting and acumen I didn't apperceive why anybody talks about PoE the way they do, so now I'm curious. And now I'm here! Hi!

When bodies accredit to the meta they're apropos to a play appearance in this game, not necessarily stats and min maxing or specific choices like it is in added games.

It's all about profits.

The basal apriorism of this meta is, the bold is all about RNG, there is no accomplishment you can admission in this bold to accrue added abundance and added items than spinning the rng caster faster and added often. (with the barring of alive what mod combos are valuable)

This is why all the "meta" builds are about acceleration clearing, why abbreviation down time is allotment of that meta, the added maps you can do the faster the statistically college acceptable awning you will acquisition something to accomplish profits.

Speed is what dictates the builds, the skills, the items you use in this game.

EDIT: The "RNG" caster aswell dictates the antecedence of assertive map mods. Increased Pack admeasurement = Added befalling for annual drops. > Increased abundance = Added drops per mob. > Increased Rarity = College adventitious that the items that bead are attenuate (does not aftereffect currency).

You could altercate "Boss killers can accomplish money too and they're not acceleration clearing" but they are. Even if you're a bang-up analgesic you accomplish added money killing added shapers in a accustomed window of time. Or how fast you can get through Lab.

So what does this beggarly to anyone in SSFHC.

Not about as much, accepting SSF abundance just agency added befalling to get items that go with your body (chaos spamming and acclaim slamming / crafting).

Being HC agency the riskier you are the college the adventitious you're traveling to die.

But it does beggarly something, If you can acreage a lower akin breadth faster the college anticipation you'll acquisition something added advantageous than you already have.