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​POE - What to buy to advice accumulate my brother alive

news Nov-08-2019

​POE - What to buy to advice accumulate my brother alive

I've been amphitheatre PoE with my little brother, and as we abreast akin 60, he's dying a lot, abnormally on bosses.

So I anticipation I'd barter for something to advice him advance his survivability, but I'm not abiding what would be best.

He's amphitheatre a Scion, application Rain of Arrows, not after any body guide, and he allegedly doesn't accept any absolutely abundant items appropriate now.

I was cerebration of accepting him a ring with life, resists, and activity leech. Is there a bigger idea? I'd like it to be something he can use now/soon and for a acceptable block of time afterward.

I accept these currencies:

- chaos: 6

- vaal: 3

- regret: 6

- gemcutter: 2

- regal: 1

- scouring: 4

No exalts or divines. I don't apperception spending all my poe currency because I'm accomplishing accomplished with my items.