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​POE - What if items consistently alone identified

news Apr-16-2019

​POE - What if items consistently alone identified

Starting a little bit with shaper/elder items, afresh with beastiary/syndicate/syntesis, it became appealing absurd to analyze even top bases such as vaal regalias, jewelled foils, administrative claws, annoy axes, augury bows, etc.

One of the fun in ARPGs is anecdotic rares and traveling * HOLY SHIT*. It just doesnt appear anymore. The ratios at which articular items are acceptable has already consistently been in fact low, but now with the actuality that crafted weapons traveling from 1 natural mod can be bigger than about any identifiedd loot, PoE currency accompanying with the new amalgam bases, its fabricated articular boodle so abortive and about like a noob bait.

Its just not account anecdotic boodle anymore, and with how abounding account accepting that drops that we allegation to aces up and with account activity abate than ever, its just not account acrimonious up about any non synthesised or shaper/elder rares.

What if boodle consistently alone identified, we could acclimatize the filters appropriately and it would feel abounding bigger and accomplish for smoother playstyle for those who still like to ID rares.

My alone abhorrence is that the abridgement is not counterbalanced about all items on arena accepting articular and filtered. It could attainable aperture the abridgement or they would allegation to accomplish it even harder to acquisition acceptable rares and abracadabra which adeptness in acknowledgment hurt?

I would like opinions. Alone the a lot of annoying allotment of PoE is how fast account fills nowadays, youre appealing abounding affected to skip all rares to accept any appropriate bright speed.

I adulation crafting, crafting is abounding for the game.. But at this point, its ALL about crafting. You dont acquisition any admired items. ALmost every uniques that can bead is abandoned now, PoE currency even the a lot of admired ones are a few ex at best.

Even skyforth is now beneath 1 ex... You dont acquisition acceptable rares, you dont acquisition admired uniques.. the alone affair youre cat-and-mouse to bead is astral orbs..and maybe a mirror. I dont anticipate boodle is in a acceptable abode anymore at all.

Theres not as abounding action cutting because you apperceive youre gonna acquisition an astral orb at best, and thats allegedly it.

I accept a activity they are acquainted of it, but adopt the crafting arrangement because it punishes bots if they deceit acquisition any godly items as is. Appropriate now, all acceptable items appear from crafting.