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​POE - Wander body help

news Jun-04-2019

​POE - Wander body help

Hi, I'm anyone who acclimated to play aisle of banishment accidentally (years ago), but never got complete far. In theory, I adulation the endless items and accomplishment passives that can achieve in fact altered and absorbing builds.

However, I actuate that in adjustment to play the bold how I wanted, I would accept to use a all-encompassing accomplishment gem, PoE currencies and akin to a point breadth I had both the bill and accomplishment credibility to achieve a build.

I apperceive ambition to try and added actively get aback into the game. I ambition the body to do several things.

1, I ambition to use a baton and a shield. I like the abstraction of accepting at range, and aswell accepting the added aegis from the shield.

2, I ambition to focus on projectile based skills. One of which I accept advised is adeptness siphon.

3, As far as I apperceive there are several altered aegis types in the game, and one of them is Evasion/energy shield. If possible, I would like to use this aegis type. I like the abstraction of accepting able to abate dmg for continued abundant for my activity absorber to recharge.

4, I would like complete acceptable individual ambition damage, and at atomic adapted aoe dmg (enough to bright a reasonable akin of play).

With those wants listed, what I charge to apperceive is what my end bold body should attending like (items, important acquiescent nodes, accomplishment gems), and what akin it would analytic yield to get there.

As able-bodied as which skills, items... I should attending for and use as I akin to that point. Amuse not, I KNOW THIS IS PROBABLY NOT GOING TO PROVIDE ME WITH THE "STRONGEST BUILD." But, as continued as I accept fun and can analytic do the content, I bulk that more.

Path of Banishment is an all-encompassing bold with a lot to unpack, so any admonition added abreast humans can accommodate is abundantly appreciated.

Thank you.