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​POE - Uber Ancient - Perpetual alliance wall

news Nov-25-2019

​POE - Uber Ancient - Perpetual alliance wall

I adulation the game. My action to play consistently comes in periods of weeks, but about I consistently get to complete the Atlas. I do red elders and shapers just accomplished (at a lot of a 1-3 deaths if my body isn't good, or amiss for the content).

But already you complete Shaper, Uber Ancient becomes non-negotiable. Ancient access goes up there every time.

But I just can't do uber elder. He's in fact an adjustment of consequence harder than Shaper or red elder. The accident is absurd, constant, and it off-screens. Red ancient is telegraphed and dodge-able, PoE currency so is Shaper. But the spikes from Ancient with Shaper in the mix are just insane. They appear like apparatus guns.

It just gets so old and demotivating to get ashore at this content, abnormally alive it's in fact (EDIT:) finer traveling abroad (many added layers of RNG to alleviate it presumably).

It's absolutely doable, but there are some key things that can get you in agitation in the fight.

- Not abundant activity accretion alfresco of flasks: it's an acutely continued action and there's lots of degen, so it helps to accept a body that gets some affectionate of activity accretion that doesn't await on flasks. The pantheon accomplishment that gives a addition to life accretion afterwards demography DoT can advice a lot.

- Inadequate dps body that requires face tanking: you allegation to accumulate abstention in this fight, abnormally if Ancient is accessible and Shaper is throwing assurance at you. If your body requires you to facetank and your DPS is too low, you're going to accept a harder time. If the action drags on too long, you are traveling to be bushing up the amphitheatre with both Ancient and Shaper algid degen ground.

- Poor manually dodging: if you don't accumulate an eye on area aggregate is, abnormally Shaper, you are apparently traveling to accidentally run into things like Shaper balls. Active about the amphitheatre in a ample annular bend will acquiesce you to dodge a lot of of the bad stuff.

- Accepting arctic by Ancient carry attack: abounding builds run Kaom's Roots to abstain the massive arrest of this attack. You are acutely accessible to Shaper assurance if this happens.

- Panicking: with so abundant being traveling on in this fight, it's simple to agitation and lose your bearings. Accumulate your air-conditioned and apprentice how to dodge.

- Insufficient algid resistance: a lot of the accident in this action is algid damage, it helps to accept added algid attrition over the 75% cap. There are some nodes from the timberline and aswell some altered items and appropriate mods that admission max cold resistance. Obviously, azure flasks aswell advice a lot as well.

Here are some tips to advice you win.

- Run a body that uses Cyclone: Cyclone helps out a ton with dodging. You can calmly accumulate advancing while abstention the assorted things aerial at you. Builds like authentic phys crit annihilate cyclone or CoC frost bolt apache with Cospris are good for this.

- Body a summoner: you can apply on abstention the mechanics while your minions do all the damage. You'd anticipate it would be boxy with all the slams, degen, and added acutely top accident things traveling off all the time, but minions are tanky as fuck nowadays and hardly anytime die. Honestly, I congenital a summoner this alliance and it was the easiest Uber annihilate ever.