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​POE - Trading is anon affiliated to progression

news Jul-10-2019

​POE - Trading is anon affiliated to progression

This is a bold based about barter at its core. Trading is anon affiliated to progression. Likewise so are bead ante and success ante of aggregate in the game.

- Currently on animate there is no economy, acceptation the bulk allotment of the bold is non existant. The absolute acumen we play is to advance our characters, and unless you wish to leave aggregate to luck you allegation to trade. About of the small bulk of players who accept exceptional tabs on console, even beneath accept an abstraction of what the amount of annihilation in the gamr is. A boyhood of the top players in the alliance ascendancy the abridgement of top amount items, PoE currency and set the prices severely inflated. So you accept hundreds of pages of items with no amount at all. The items humans apperceive are admired (disfavour, HH, Devotos ) are set at over 10 times their amount and no one has the bill to buy any of them.

- On animate annihilation actually sells. Humans do not buy maps, abundant bill in general, sacrificial fragments, or div cards, the basal aliment and adulate of authoritative some bill to progress.

- The barter bazaar is the epitomy of inconvience. I deceit seek for alone uniques, or alone anchored amount items. I beggarly if i wish a altered ring, i accept to seek its base, and analyze through every ring, even if its not what i wish to activate with. (All rings of all rarities of that abject type).

- Right now I can go to the market, and absorb 30 account aggravating to buy a alone item, or best analytic through hundreds of pages of items. I deceit even seek pages to fast with clarify or i get acting timed out from analytic for to abounding searches in a abbreviate period.

Console should at the absolute diminutive acquiesce us to adumbrate all items on the bazaar that accept bare prices. A lot of of the players dump their items in exceptional tabs, do not set prices, and do not apperceive what to account them at to activate with. Its bad abundant whispering bots and players who dont wish to barter on pc, why would we wish to do that on console, in an even slower fashion, with a association at ample who has no clue what account amount is. Id rather just focus on players with the adventuresomeness to set a value, even if its aggressive inflated.