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Mar-12-2018 Categories: news

I counted it out: over 267 out of 332 of the allegory recipes are abortive 'create a rare' filler. This alliance needs some fixing; let's see if we can help poe marketplace.

That's just over 80% of accessible recipes that are annihilation added than adored alchs on accidental bases. They accept no absolute aggregate added than accepting a few added alt/alch shards or finishing a chaos/regal recipe, and they yield up a all-inclusive majority of the compound page.

Hey great, I can actualize a accidental attenuate anniversary with a activity roll? Bigger accept 19 altered versions of the compound for all the altered anniversary classes and aspect alignments. Meanwhile the abject it gives you can (and about will) be a abject that's well-short of advantageous and the one aeon you affirmed to be there by no agency will be a advantageous tier!

Like, these recipes are about no altered than accepting a attenuate anniversary drop. You're accession two or three attenuate beasts to get one added attenuate anniversary drop, if anniversary barbarian apparently alone ~2-3 rares if you exhausted it the aboriginal time around.

I don't wanna complete like I'm antisocial on aggregate in this league. I anticipate it's an absorbing concept, but there's so little acumen to bother with beasts with the accepted recipes. There's a baby boyhood of recipes that don't alone actualize all-encompassing rares, and a lot of of them are gated abaft allegorical beasts that are WAY too attenuate (I've got a akin 90 actualization and a akin 82, still haven't apparent any of the legendaries acclimated for authoritative a spirit barbarian portal, and i alone see maybe one allegorical per 6 maps in general).

Even a allotment of those absolute 65 recipes there's a lot of afresh themes... 6 that add a mod to a flask, 29 that actualize some accidental unique, 4 for portals to spirit beasts, 4 for aspect skills, etc. So in actuality that anchorage it down to alone a scattering or two of altered compound archetypes that feel advantageous or anniversary architecture up to.

But hey, accusatory is easy, so how about some solutions?

- Up the spawn aggregate on Allegorical beasts. Considerably. Hell, accomplish them way added accepted and adapt some of the bigger recipes to crave assorted legendaries if it's all-important to amend (as a new option, accept recipes that use legendaries from aural a assertive family/group as against to acute specific legendaries... it'd beggarly you don't consistently accept to acquisition the one-and-only appropriate barbarian while still accepting somewhat abominable gated)

- Get rid of a lot of of the 'create a _____ anniversary with ____ affix' recipes. They're abortive and they yield up way too abundant space, it's an eyesore. Instead, accord us a alternation of recipes breadth we accommodate the anniversary and use beasts to roll/reroll it into a attenuate with whatever guarantees. The unid'd attenuate recipes for armor and weapons can apparently go too, but those 'create an unid'd rare' ones are apparently alright for amulets/belts/rings; they accept some fair use for regal/chaos recipes, and there's not about as abundant decay from 'bad bases' as you'd get with weapons and armor.

- Options like guaranteeing specific affixes are a accomplished concept, but if the tiers are accidental it's just an capricious sub-par adaptation of essence. It would be nice if the coffer of the affix was bent by the levels of the beasts acclimated (average their levels calm and accord the accomplished coffer that itemlevel can provide, or at atomic absolute the randomness and accomplish it accord one of the top 3 tiers that itemlevel can provide). Yeah, it adeptness accomplish it easier to get Merciless or added t1 rolls, but that would in actuality accomplish humans added agog about communicable beasts, aforementioned way t1/t0 rolls fabricated essences anniversary traveling for.

- Humans would aswell like to see things they can't get through crafting with essences/currency/masters. Like, conceivably accepting attack/spell/ele drain on gloves/jewelry... that would be a accepted mod humans would try to coursing down. Or mods commensurable to those from corrupt-only essences. Or accepting able to force assertive affixes on jewels. Maybe something like guaranteeing all 3 ele rolls on a weapon (though not guaranteeing acceptable tiers).

Let's apprehend some added cheap poe currency advancement from you guys too. This league's in actuality appealing asperous about the edges to start, but it's got abeyant if the beastcrafting rewards are advantageous and analytic obtainable.