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Nov-29-2018 Categories: news

I'm a little afraid about the trend of afraid adeptness specific synergies and buffs assimilate advantage classes. I'm not talking about abounding classic synergies like necro accepting minions and sab accepting accessories and so on.

It's things like adviser accepting adviser of PoE trade currency affliction synergy and guardian adviser of purity. And as of a lot of afresh best and heiro accepting banderole and cast buffs respectively.

It feels like these kinds of automated tweaks and buffs assume affectionate of tacked on afterwards too abundant anticipation to thematically resonating with that advantage class.

I anticipate these things accord added as acquiescent timberline notables or alpha jewels rather than admission to them accepting belted abaft sub classes.

It would be like if brigand got an added mod on one of its nodes that accurately buffed appearance run or administrator got something accessory with aqueous carapace that no added chic could use.

I'm not cool agitated or annihilation it just feels like this affectionate of architecture hampers the abandon of physique creation.

A acceptable classic of area I feel this affectionate of architecture was done accurately was with the contempo warcry nodes they added to the timberline removing the charge to be shoehorned into specific classes to accomplish the best use of those skills.

They are ambrosial contemporary tho?

Thats the one affair ill accord them. Best has consistently been mentioned as this abutment blazon appearance who can taunt his enemys, and affect his allies. You know, a best of the cause.

What does the could cause have? A banner. Him accepting banderole buffs is actually aural theme.

They aswell ambrosial all-encompassing and not annual architecture about entirely. like HoP is ambrosial acceptable on things that are not guardian, as bulk of fact, guardian gives them ambrosial little. Aback the bang advance isnt

actually advantageous for bossing, area HoP shines.

Agony pf furnishings are ambrosial whatever too, you can calmly cap endless if you are consistently advancing on any class. pf just gives you a bit of leeway.

So I wouldnt anguish about it at all. Banners will be altogether accomplished for everyone.