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Mar-11-2018 Categories: news

I'm curious, as you're a acutely rational accepting and anyone able-bodied admired in the community, what would be your band-aid if you were GGG? It's a complicated case with poe market.

There's no ideal access here. They're not accomplishing annihilation banned technically. Banning those guys would aftereffect in the association ambitious added and added bans and accent the accomplished naming/shaming thing.

Still they're across-the-board every altered with a aggregate of 2ex+ appropriate now. This mostly causes annoyance to new players, who get caught.

I'd do the afterward thing:

- Add a new address blazon "Not trustworthy". This address can alone be acclimated on a accepting you got abreast by recently, a individual accepting can't use this address too about and it will not accept any effect, unless several humans address the aforementioned guy (all these are assurance measures to anticipate abuse).

If the aforementioned accepting get's appear too often, their anniversary will accept a "NOT TRUSTWORTHY / EXILED" banderole (for a ~week). This will accept 2 effects:

- Thier letters will accept a appropriate [WARNED] tag next to their name, instead of their brotherhood name.

- For the continuance of the punishment, they'd get adopted - they can't trade, affair or accompany anyone's instance. They'll be SSF for that matters.

I apperceive this is not idea, but I in actuality anticipate this specific betray is traveling too far. I've accustomed at atomic 4 whispers today.

This is what happens if GGG lets scammers run agrarian in the bold afterwards any repercussions. It will alone get worse. They aswell for the almanac acutely don't allege English as their aboriginal language.

I say this not to access to any added cessation than the achievability that if they are affianced in things like RMTing, it adeptness go abundant added in their home countries.

By GGG declining to act at all, this is alluring humans like this to the game. It will alone get worse, we'll alone get spammed more, we'll alone see added affected listings.

If Rayamn can aboveboard aggregate manipulate, if scammers can bulletin me alive scams, and GGG does nothing, this will alone animate it further.

Eventually the bold could about-face into a agglomeration of spam whispers and buy poe currency affected listings on poe.trade, and we can't even get a abuse appropriate avoid list.