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​POE - There is annihilation amiss with the game

news Nov-05-2019

​POE - There is annihilation amiss with the game

There is annihilation amiss with the game. It assume like you just don't accept how defenses plan here. It's not a rocket science, but i'm way too apathetic to address abundant adviser on every arresting advantage possible. So you've bigger ask added abundant questions.

As for your mistakes:

I cap resists, get as abundant armor as I can, bone still die because I abridgement bloom regen.

Armor itself almost do annihilation unless you use it for Vaal Aqueous Shell or [[Aegis Aurora]].

Health regen is added like nice to accept affair and not something you should await on, unless you're alive some specific builds. It's bigger to use activity drain or activity accretion on hit.

I body bloom regen but afresh I abridgement resists Accepting basal resists uncapped is big no-no.

If I get bloom regen and resists I still die could cause I abridgement armor or concrete accident reduction.

That is not why you're dying.

I accept 40% anarchy abide with 6k absolute activity counting ES and Activity basin and yet some white mobs still 1shot me.

You don't absolutely charge that PoE currency abundant anarchy resists for mapping, accepting it absolute is a acceptable thing, but you should be added or beneath ok even with -60.

And you can't absolutely calculation ES as your activity basin unless you accept some agency to furnish it abreast from recharge.

I've approved just about everything, from flasks to casting while accident taken aqueous shell/immortal call/enduring cry etc.

You charge a counterbalanced arresting bureaucracy rather than accumulation of accidental defensive. Aggregate you've mentioned works perfectly, while accepting on top of added acceptable arresting layers. And it's afar abroad from "everything".

Taking Anarchy Inoculation prevents me from demography anarchy accident yet it seems I still get broiled if I administer to get 6-8k activity shield.

6-8k are appealing low numbers for ES builds, so no wonder.