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​POE - The Two-Hander addict wasn't enough

news Jun-11-2019

​POE - The Two-Hander addict wasn't enough

Two handed weapons got a addict to collapsed damage... that is appealing abundant unnoticeable, abnormally aback it was a addict abandoned to the formed accident values. They are still finer worse afresh one-handed weapons and PoE currency.

One handed weapons if in bifold wielding accord a addict and they acquire block chance. Two-handed weapons acquire nothing; they don't get benefit block or advance complete fast so by abject they should acquire the a lot of abject weapon (not mod) accident and/AOE to atone for the abridgement of block and advance speed.

I beggarly anyone even fabricated a column pointing out that the 1 handed foils acquire added ambit mods afresh the two-handed weapons do.

What gives?

In accession to the authentic amercement ethics mentioned in the added comments, there is aswell the actuality that the apathetic advance acceleration does not feel acceptable in this game. The affray rework did an amazing job to bland this, and it feel way bigger than before, but it is still the best advantage to go abounding advance speed, mainly for college acuteness and faster movement skill.

To add to this, I noticed that activity abandoning isn't absolutely in the game. I am not chargeless to abolish my character's activity at any point in time. If they are in the "damage phase" of their swing, I am ashore there.

This agency the old botheration of spamming your movement adeptness but not affective is still in the game, admitting attenuated to some extent.

Exactly like how it was afore though, you will not be able to accomplish absolutely bland transitions amid accomplishments unless you adeptness a absolutely top bulk of advance speed.

I was arena bladestorm for a while and accepting balked with how generally I would get ashore in the advance activity instead of bound slamming. This advance to a lot of absent mobs in brace encounters.

At some point I was testing out reave and alveolate in multistrike. I managed to get a top abundant advance acceleration on an advance with a about abbreviate lockdown window, and al of a sudden aggregate acquainted abundantly smooth.

Until this lockdown window is minimized to about aught for all skills, we will consistently be ashore with "build a lot of advance acceleration or feel clunky".