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So I guess my next question would be, is there any sort of impression that these "in-universe" journals might not actually exist in the new canon? For example, did Poe really have a journal he kept with these details, or is his Flight Log sort of a more exploratory thing which presumes what he might have written about if he'd had one, but because he was never seen with one, he doesn't actually have one?

I hope I'm making sense. I guess I'm just trying to understand why they wouldn't be listed under the canon heading anyway, in-universe text or novel or whatever else it might be poe currency.

I don't know why wookieepedia chooses to group things the way it does, but the books are canon. If you look at the individual articles on them, they all have the canon label in the upper right corner.

I would assume they aren't on the timeline of canon books because it's a timeline and since they aren't telling a story, they don't fit into a specific place in time like that. Same goes for the reference books like the visual dictionary. They are canon, just not the type of book you can put on a timeline without a specific narrative to them.

I can't believe I never noticed that "Canon" label on these articles before lol. Thanks for the tip. And I think I understand what you mean about distinguishing novels with a story versus things like encyclopedias and other "reference material." I notice now that all those DK books (like the visual dictionaries) aren't on the canon books list, but those are still filled with information relevant to the canon. I'm following you.

There are always discrepancies between the novelizations and the films. Or is Owen Lars still Obi-Wan's brother? Doesn't mean the book itself is retconned or rendered non-canon.

They are canon where they represent what's in the films, but the moment they detour from that they are rendered either Legends, or fully non-canon if the film itself outright contradicts it.

Yeah I don't mean to confuse anyone, I am just referring to the fact that all of those older film novelizations (eps 1-6) are newly printed even today without an actual "Legends" banner on the covers, so for some reason they have some sort of distinction compared to other Legends books. What I described is how I view them in my head given that fact, sort of in purgatory between fully Canon and fully poe currency.

I believe that's one of the very few inconsistencies currently well-known with what the story group has put out so far. In this case you just throw out that part of the novel and give the film canon priority there, but the rest of the novel would still apply.