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Dec-02-2018 Categories: news

The accepted compassionate of a antecedent is that of a acquiescent timberline bulge that decidedly changes an absolute appearance artisan or introduces a new one to accompany a assertive administration with one's build.

In added words, it makes things plan abnormally for your character, rather than artlessly abacus or adding numbers, for the purpose of specialization.

Because of this there are absolute or aberrant downsides to every antecedent on the timberline except these four: Adamant Grip, Conduit, Pain Attunement, and Appearance Acrobatics.

The acumen Pain Attunement and Appearance Acrobatics accept remained keystones admitting accepting about simple and in fact benign afterwards increases to a character's absolute features, in my understanding, is so that they could be invoked by items (such as Skin of the Lords or added keystone-bearing uniques) in a way that prevents stacking able altered mods with the acquiescent nodes in question. It's affectionate of an capricious explanation, but it works.

But accede this: Adamant Grip is a antecedent while Spiritual Command and Spiritual Aid, which do abundantly the aforementioned affair mechanically, aren't. What gives? They are just as mechanics-bending as Adamant Grip authoritative a assertive set of ambit administer to a audibly altered entity, arguably to an even greater aftereffect than with IG, and with added bonuses adapted on the nodes, yet they are alone notables.

There is absolute little acumen not to yield Spiritual Aid in accurate if you're anywhere abreast the Templar breadth because beloved accident is all-around and absolute clashing the acutely specific "increased aces accident with dandelions while accomplishing a lapdance beneath a abounding moon" affectionate of weapon-related jewel prefixes that accept the aforementioned bulk range.

You can use it to a abounding admeasurement with e.g. Bone Helmets that accept a affirmed absolute allusive abounding Uber Lab enchants in adeptness - except it's aswell global! In fact able for a simple notable, right?

Wouldn't it accomplish added faculty to ameliorate these two into a antecedent (or a brace thereof, like with Acrobatics) instead? Conceivably with a downside for builds that aren't in fact application it to calibration minions, e.g. something like "deal 50% beneath accident with abilities if you don't ascendancy at atomic two minions"? I anticipate it would be fair.

Arcane eyes is addition notable that technically changes a appearance artisan afterwards accepting a keystone, but in its aegis the aftereffect is in fact visual. Wouldn't it accomplish faculty to bend it into its acquaintance antecedent Pain Attunement then?

This would hardly advance the superior of activity for PoE currency low-life builds and accommodate a accessory downside for the rest, authoritative it a "proper" keystone.

Thoughts, opinions?