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​POE - The Armory league

news Nov-13-2019

​POE - The Armory league

If I could achieve a alliance - The Armory league. I've had this abstraction for a while now,and I amount that appropriate afore the complete next expansions and leagues are arise would be the best time.

As the appellation suggests, I would alarm the alliance "Armory". Unlike accomplished leagues that accept focused on abacus new forms of agreeable to exhausted of abacus new things to acquisition central of maps to slay, this focuses on analysis and accepting added avant-garde appearance building.

All characters in the alliance accept two added accessories slots, a leggings aperture and an earrings aperture (the above counts as armour, the closing counts an an accessory). The earrings aperture is alongside to area the amulet aperture is, and the leggings aperture is in amid the boots and bodyarmor slots. Items placed in the accessories awning compress like they do if put into a megastash tab so that all these slots can fit in.

More accessories slots makes it so there's added abeyant for what you can body for and combinations, abnormally as it allows you to body basal resists easier and save added allowance for added things. It aswell agency players can try out added crafting systems and use added boodle they acquisition because they can accouter added of it, so this is the abstraction abaft the league. Already you accept your best-in-slot helmet you don't charge to affliction about any approaching helmet drops or helmet crafting, but can still affliction about items of added slots. Accepting an added four-link of abilities on your leggings aswell allows for added abilities on anniversary body (fitting that we now accept added accomplishment buttons).

Leggings act like added pieces of armor and accept six types (armour, evasion, activity shield, armour/evasion, armour/energy shield, evasion/energy shield) above altered tiers, but they do accept their aspect allowances be 30% college afresh added armor types at every bank to achieve them a bit different. Earrings accept the complete "added accident to attacks and spells" like iron/steel rings do. Stone/Diamond earrings for concrete damage, Pearl/Sapphire earrings for algid damage, charcoal/ruby earrings for blaze damage, copper/topaz earrings for lighting damage, obsidian/amethyst earrings for anarchy damage. There are aswell gold earrings for annual rarity. These accent accept archetypal affixes like abject defenses and resists but aswell accept things that acclimated to alone arise on elder/shaped items as accustomed affixes, like attrition assimilation and adventitious to abstain ailments.

If Blight becomes standard, afresh Adornment accessories would aswell get added into this. Application two oils, you can administer an attraction that takes one of two forms: "Increased adventitious for X to drop" and "Enemies accept a adventitious to bead X." So application adornment anointment, you can achieve something added acceptable to bead for if you ambition to appoint in targeted farming, whether that would be added fusing drops, added red map drops, added divination agenda drops, authoritative enemies occasionally bead fossils or whatever abroad you are absent to accent accepting (this aswell agency that you don't accept to do a individual map over and over again, which accepted targeting agriculture has you do).

Last affair is that this alliance would acquaint a lot added altered items for these new slots, and that monster adversity ascent is added to annual for players accepting a agglomeration of stats and furnishings from these new slots.

Some ability say this makes added faculty as allotment of an amplification than a league, but I anticipate it makes added faculty as a alliance as that way if it gets accustomed ailing and humans don't like accepting 12 capital accessories slots instead of 10, afresh it can just not alteration over to accepted and old monster ascent is kept PoE currency.

Some added things would charge to get added above this, like new altered maps to action that would bead new altered items and some added mechanics would be added so that affixes for them can be made, but that's the abject of what I would do.