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Jun-10-2019 Categories: news

Warning for players who wish to advance Uber-Elder in the abreast future: The activity got decidedly harder. I usually play a totem alternative as my leaguestarter to affectionate of blitz through encounters and Uber elder, PoE goods to alleviate my 4th Sextant, reroll and alpha mapping asap.

Usually this is trivial, aback the totems accomplishing your plan gives you added than abundant time to collaborate with the ambiance and Shaper/Elder, even admitting my bossing abilities are kinda meh.

However, what I had to acquisition is that I bricked my aboriginal 3 sets, abandoned about accepting there on my 4th try.

I wish to acknowledgment that I am not a abounding bosser in any amplitude of the imagination, I usually just do it to get to my added goals. But I did do so consistantly over the endure 5 or so leagues, never advancing abutting to bricking a set.

What changed?

Well, Shaper just got a accomplished lot added crazy.

The aeon of shaper balls/shaper beams was consistently appealing obvious, and the abandoned affair to watch out for were the accidental slams inbetween, but something afflicted this drastically.

Every time you get abreast shaper, anon afterwards he finishes his cast, he ports abroad to the added ancillary of the room.

Now even admitting I was ranged (Glacial Cascade totems) this gave me a lot of headache, because if you don't see shaper, it's absolutely harder to apperceive what he's up to, generally not giving you abundant time to contrivance an accelerated brawl or dying to his axle due to a abridgement of acknowledgment skills.

I can't even brainstorm a affray physique accepting to go up adjoin that and accepting to Bound Slam about aggravating to get hits in while still accepting to attending out for Elder.

Probably the best affair to do (and what formed out for me in the end) is to try and breach added in the boilerplate of the activity (next to elder) and allurement a shaper axle out, afresh go in for some dps with alembic uptime, aback the shaper axle has a continued casting and he will accomplishment that afore porting away.

Shaper aswell periodically teleports about just because, even if you aren't next to him.

This will abnormally accord you a cephalalgia during the aperture phases, as you generally will not see him and you adeptness eat a axle out of nowhere.

On top of that, it aswell acquainted like Shaper had faster cast-speed overall, although 4 tries are boilerplate abreast abundant to be abiding about that, it might've just been me accepting rusty.

What's a lot of important though, is all the aloft mentioned things accord to the activity accepting best and accordingly agency you will acquire to accord with added ground-effect adds and Vortex-balls.

That was absolutely something I had to acclimate to, and brawl management/ fast add kills will be acute for not accepting afflicted by ground-effects.

I wish to acknowledgment that I abandoned did the appointment 4 times and it was kinda hectic, so I am abiding I absent accepting and maybe got something amiss while accepting affectionate of afflicted by new accepting to learn, so I would adulation to see if anybody abroad got agnate after-effects or can accord something that I overlooked.

Please agenda that while I am a little bit pissed atm that this wasn't mentioned in the application notes, this is not meant as a rant.

I anticipate the appointment got a lot added absorbing and harder, and committed characters will still steamroll it, just a baby admonishing for all the added humans who just wish to do it for accomplishment once, I accomplishment you don't brick any sets!