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​POE - The accepted problems with Animate Weapon

news Sep-11-2019

​POE - The accepted problems with Animate Weapon

It's actually the affliction beloved accomplishment that GGG didn't even abstract in the beloved update. It has several audacious problems:

1-Short duration: The continuance is too low. Abbreviate continuance minions are accept for on-kill minions or minions that you can re-summon advisedly like SRS. But AW requires 'corpses' to use so abbreviate continuance doesn't accomplish sense. It should not even have a continuance in the aboriginal abode because how aching it is to get the actual 'corpses' for summoning. Approved it in Blight, afterwards accepting the chest I went summoning. And by the time I accomplishment with the endure chest the Animated Weapons from the aboriginal chest started to expire. So I just ashen 30s of my activity for nothing.

2-Too abounding restrictions: Why does this accomplishment accept so abounding requirements to use? It has account blazon requirement, akin of account requirement, the weapon has to be affray and they accept to be identified. It's like Accession Spectre but you can alone use like 20% of the corpses you find. Worse, you don't even accept any accomplishment to spawn weapons for you to use like with Accession Spectre.

3-Single ambition and charge to ambition the account specifically: Why? With Zombies and Spectre even admitting they are individual ambition I can just bang on the arena and they'll just accession the adjacent corpses. But AW wants to to anon bang on the item, if not it will still casting but annihilation happen. wtf?

4-The uniques suck: Appropriate now to play AW you are bound to Alternation of Command because of how bizarre it is and appropriate 2 jewel slots for the ambit weapons to accomplish this accomplishment usable. So you're bound a lot appropriate off the bat. And application those uniques agency you can't use Carrion Golem or added acknowledging minions which sucks even more.

5-Can't be acclimated with boodle filter: If you use any affectionate of austere boodle clarify you basically handicapping yourself with AW and cede it about useless.

I actually like this accomplishment but as it currently is there's no way to play it. It needs to be reworked. They don't even charge to do annihilation crazy, just simple fixes like:

1-Remove the duration.

2-Make it an aoe arena ambition skill.

3-Remove some of the restrictions for casting it.