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Aug-03-2018 Categories: news

The 2 amount botheration with 2h affray weapons: attackspeed is accompanying with advancement & attack-point action in PoE is horrible. Solution:

- Decouple advance acceleration from advancement skills.

- Accomplish all attacks accept about burning attack-points.

If you're cryptic about the attack-points, it's the point in an action if the blow starts. there is a apple of aberration amid instantly accomplishing blow and accepting to delay 1.0 abnormal for your next advance against accepted for .5 seconds, damaging, afresh cat-and-mouse .5 added abnormal to alpha your next slow-ass swing.

All abilities accept abhorrent attack-points, but humans accept begin that if your advance acceleration is top abundant the absolute action is about burning anyways.

POE not accepting abstracted ethics for the advance breach (time amid swings) and the advance itself is in actuality added of a botheration that just this. Its one of the affidavit why Earth Quake and Ice Crash bootless to be "big apathetic hits" and just get angry into advance spamming abilities like every other.

This makes not demography bags of advance acceleration feel arbitrarily castigating EVEN if you're traveling for a big bang activity EQ or Groundlsam build. I bethink if Endure Epoch devs were in ZiggyD's babble as he was previewing their Alpha; we had a chat about how they should try to abstain this and how they were already able-bodied acquainted of this pitfall POE fell into.

If they decoupled the beat intervals with the absolute advance they could in actuality accomplish abilities that analyze the "Big apathetic hit" architecture amplitude (which is aswell breadth 2 handers are declared to acquisition their roll) into an absolute thing, instead of caving in throwing in the anhydrate and acceptance Multistrike to plan with them (as they did with Ice Crash) just to get them to appearance up in their appliance metrics.

Its one of the affidavit that POE looks in actuality brainless as a bold at top levels with the bionic monkey advance speeds. And while I'm abiding my animadversion will be active by the humans who don't accord a applesauce how brainless the amateur they play looks this is in actuality a big accord a lot of humans seeing POE for the aboriginal time in a mathil vid or a CuteDog beck never play the bold because of how asinine the advance acceleration (shield allegation in CuteDog's case) makes the bold look.

One of the a lot of frequently abiding comments I see as a fan of both of them is "wow isn't this declared to be an ARPG" or "whats traveling on I anticipation this bold was like Diablo 2?" or "lol this bold looks impaired as fuck".

Tbh its allegedly one of the affidavit why POE has acutely admiring such a "clear speed" focused accidental of players.

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