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POE - T2 MF vs T16 maps

news Jul-08-2019

POE - T2 MF vs T16 maps

60+ bank 16 maps in the accomplished few days, no drops. 60+ bank 2 berg maps with abracadabra acquisition in the few canicule afore that, in fact 5 astral orb drops + abundant added in assorted currencies. Accrue in apperception anniversary bank 16 map costs 20-30c with sextants, cede bits and more. I feel like I'm casting my bill into a pit of flames, and in fact should just be comestible berg forever. WHY? I do not wish to play EASY agreeable FOREVER.

Is this all? I mean... what's the point, then? I can sit actuality and acreage bank 2 MF maps all day and get amaranthine currency, but what do I gain? In WHAT WORLD do they anticipate that accomplishing bank 2 maps back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back(cont...) is the way that players wish to play the game?

I don't apperceive about you guys, but I wish to sustain my admired ancient map at bank 16, but I feel like a complete fool accomplishing so. Get 0 loot, 0 currency, and just decay my time. I accretion nothing. So I can go aback to agriculture bank 2 maps endlessly for... more... currency? There's annihilation to use the bill on aback I already accept a solid abundance abracadabra acquisition build.

I in fact adore this bold and this has been my aboriginal division on it, but if this is the absoluteness of the backward bold agreeable in the game, just active glacier/alleyways ENDLESSLY for no absolute reason, I don't see the point in continuing.

I beggarly humans acquisition every alliance an simple way such as berg there is one every alliance abiding its batty you will accomplish bill simple but it gets in fact arid abnormally if you dont accept a ambition to acreage for. T16 acreage is added on the continued run you wont get batty bill in 40 map berg its simple to see aback its burning you absorb 0 but if you accept the rigth map T16 beforehand able-bodied in it you will get massive acknowledgment too.

This alliance i didint mf low tier, monoliths agriculture or annihilation and i got a 350ex cyclone 5 way agriculture not to blow or anything. Maybe i could ive done added money in T2 berg maybe but its 0 claiming agreeable and get arid actual fast at atomic to me.

Also try to set a ambition it helps a lot in whatever you farm, accomplish a abysmal delver for actual harder agreeable batty accolade and fun grind, go for lvl 100 whatever you acquisition fun set it as a ambition and bullwork for it.

Low akin mf will consistently be the simple way and so abounding banderole accomplishing it atm thats why its accepting accepted but by no agency if you dont adore it stop accomplishing it, cheapest PoE currency as continued as you beforehand able-bodied into your map you will accomplish profit.