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​POE - Synthesis Alliance is in actuality sick

news Apr-14-2019

​POE - Synthesis Alliance is in actuality sick

Just capital to put out there that I've thoroughly enjoyed this alliance and has in actuality been my a lot of played alliance of all time now. I apprehend that added humans accept accomplished contrarily but I accept not accomplished any of the problems reddit seems to accept accept asleep the game. I abide to acclaim GGG's 13 anniversary agenda and achievement they abide to aggressively accomplish content.

Reddit consistently disappoints me if it comes to POE. If you are a new amateur and glance at the subreddit you are led to accept that the bold is in a unplayable accompaniment which is not true.

Synthesis is a lot bigger now. However, the accomplished ages it has been appealing bad. We've had acute lag. Betrayal still spawns abominable lag for a lot of players.

Unplayable Nexus(Boss breeding next to an absurd aisle with rewards blocking it. edit: This was meant as a accomplished tense. This has been anchored for the a lot of part.)

Decay is still a abhorrent artisan that is acutely punishing. You go down the amiss aisle and you lose the absolute arrangement of memories you were planning to do. So you afresh accept to acreage for absolutely a while aggravating to attending for that ONE breadth that PoE currency fits in altogether so you can try to do what you were aggravating to do before.

It was acutely not annual it to run. The alone time above-mentioned to the contempo fixes that it was somewhat annual was for the apocalypse breadth that had 80+ argent coins. That was a bug though, so it was fixed. Humans were talking about the 20+ mod places spending 6-8 hours ambience it up to accomplish 30c annual of stuff. It was not annual at all.

The accustomed accomplishing of betrayal is appealing bad. I'm not even talking about the absolute artisan itself. I beggarly for unveling mods. Humans were active quarry just to bare mods for crafting. (Along ancillary blame safehouses). The recent increases in betrayal exp is nice, but it does NOTHING to advice with this. Crafting from betrayal is so borked.

We accumulate accepting patches that accept added changes that aren't mentioned. It seems like any time that anyone abstracts out a adjustment to accomplish Antecedent added advantageous (aka absorb beneath time in actuality accomplishing nexus) it gets gutted. Yeah, the blocking affair is brainless but it was still a way to accomplish it added worthwhile.

The complete RNG on breeding the bang-up aswell blows. Afresh there is the accomplished affair of some of them just not accepting doable.

In addition, they removed a lot of of the leveling crafting options. Elreon rings no best exist. (You can accouter them at 42(?) but that is far too backward for it to be useful) The Collapsed accident mods are about abortive now too. They were acutely nice for leveling.

I apperceive I'm not alone and the subreddit reflects that. It's a appealing bad league. If it had launched in today's accompaniment rather than what it was initially it still wouldn't be accustomed well. There are just too abounding issues that haven't been fixed and its just too backward to even fix them. You just don't accept abundant amateur bureau this league. Aggregate is on capped uses. If you don't do it anon you are crumbling it. It feels absolutely bad.

So yeah, you can get "insane" lootsplosions for traveling through the nexus. It's just not fun (for me at least) to go through it. It absolutely feels like GGG saw that humans were bottomward from the alliance fast so they just were like lets add tons of boodle to it. While, this does fix the accomplished it isn't annual your time to do, it just doesn't fix the acquaintance of traveling through nexus.

Sorry for your poor subreddit experience.

Edit: Honestly, it absolutely just feels like GGG keeps authoritative the aforementioned mistakes time and time again. They afresh try to fix the alliance a few weeks into the accident if humans are abandonment and achievement that it works. Can we just get a alliance that feels acceptable at the start. Day 1-4 is altogether accomplished and barefaced for some aboriginal patches for some changes. But man, its just time and time again.

Also apologetic for the poor organization, this was absolutely just a ramble.