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​POE - Sword and billy are taken

news Oct-31-2019

​POE - Sword and billy are taken

Let's anticipate about this. Sword and billy are taken. I feel by itself it would accept to be an axe. You can point out there's wands, claws, acrimony and whatever else... PoE currency but nice affair about both swords and maces is they accept two-handed variants (yes, I apperceive the uniques don't). So axes fit altogether for this trifecta.

So far we accept Int/Dex and Int/Str. This leaves us with two possibilities, Int/Int (pure) or Dex/Str.

And both of them currently crave some anatomy of affray hit (a affray crit, still requires a affray hit). We could breach the rules here, but why bother. It does accomplish faculty the "dex" one would absorb crit. Wait, maybe if we absitively on the "Pure Int" role, it could be based on spells.

But how would that work? Easy. "Casts alveolate Blaze Spell on casting a non-Fire Spell". That's just one option. (And honestly, humans would afresh just corruption Avatar of Blaze and/or Cold to Blaze and/or Pyre, but that's aswell okay, could cause account interactions are cool).

And now that I've said all of that, I say let's breach some rules.

"Casts alveolate Blaze spell on advance projectile hit" -- anticipate of how air-conditioned it would be to bandy Spectral Throws and accept those proc your blaze spells. Of course, nowadays there are agglomeration added projectile attacks (Frost Blades, Molten Strike).

Mjolner has alternation mod. I feel the bend mod is somewhat under-utilized for non bows. So hey, why not accord it a bend mod. But wait, we wish things to fork, why not a kiss/curse mod: projectiles cannot pierce. Hey, this is starting to accomplish added of affair faculty too! projectiles are generally associated with adeptness as well. So let's achieve on the Str/Dex role.

And aback to projectiles, both "Jade Hatchet" and "Tomahawk" accept that "throw" feel to them (hey see one of the added Jade Hatchet uniques is a "Screaming Eagle"... and addition Tomahawk is "Moonbender's Wing").

And there are already added blaze themed axes in the game!

I am traveling to accomplish the alarm on Tomahawk. Which by itself has 81 backbone and 56 dex requirement. I anticipate our final artefact ends up.

Tomahawk base

Trigger a Alveolate Blaze Spell on Projectile Hit (local)

80-120% Increased Physical Damage

Skills Bend +1 Times

Projectiles Cannot Pierce

+200 Backbone Requirement

+300 Adeptness Requirement

30-40% Increased Projectile Damage