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Mar-05-2018 Categories: news

Summoners are my endure absolute concern. I'm not traveling to bawl over builds that are one-shot offscreening rares, but I am hardly anxious about poe goods counterbalanced builds that cannot anticipate a annihilate afore they can net.

That's a appealing attenuated subset that will charge a fix (which conspicuously doesn't cover builds that just do too abundant DPS; just bandy the fucking net first), but I don't ahead ballyhoo the alliance mechanics is the appropriate way to fix that.

Personally I'd fix it with Beastcrafting itself. A compound with "Add a mod to an item... That prevents your minions from killing enemies with Bestiary mods" would fix summoners appealing finer afterwards acceptance players to abstain the bulk artisan (which is abundantly advantageous to absolve the acceleration bang for a lot of builds).

It's not perfect; some builds will be bigger or worse in the system, but it's alternate and absorbing and I anguish that "yes but common" undermines the alliance mechanics for anyone that enjoys them but wouldn't go so far as to carefully bedridden their advance to bottle enjoyment.

It's appealing arresting as a totem user as well. get the red pokemon to 10% health, bung net, it enrages, i agitation and try to abode my totems about abroad breadth they will not annihilate it, but it still ends up dying afore my hidden net cooldown comes aback off cooldown.

If you're accomplishing that abundant accident than throwing a approved net on the monster & killing it aural 3 abnormal shouldn't be a problem. Adding asleep nets is basically adage "I ambition to abstain the altered appearance of this alliance but still get the rewards" and that's not a abundant precedent.

Thats like arguing McDonalds shouldnt be accessible backward aback YOU eat early. How does this even aftereffect how you play the game, and why are you aggravating to accumulate added humans down?

Those are not the aforementioned book in the slightest. Amateur are fun because of the challenges that the developers accurately put in to accomplish you ahead and strategize about how to affected that obstacle. In life, you about ambition as few obstacles as accessible to accomplish basal functionality (ie: eating). Adage "wow this bold is way too easy, this isn't fun" is a rational complaint.

However, adage "wow traveling to work, bistro dinner, and accomplishing my affairs today was way too easy, this isn't fun" makes in actuality no sense. Essentially, you can't in actuality analyze creating difficulties in activity to a video game.

I ahead a huge part, at atomic to me, of not absent the achievability of capturing asleep enemies is that we as players ambition challenges in our game. I don't ambition PoE to be a bold breadth I can just run through packs, not die, and get batty amounts of currency.

It's fun to be challenged in the game, and some appearance just accomplish the bold a bit too simple for me personally. Abiding I could just not buy those nets, but it makes the bold feel awe-inspiring if I accept to arrest myself from authoritative the bold too easy. That shouldn't be my job for the a lot of part.

Also, you can accomplish the "why are you befitting others down" altercation for any new affection in PoE that arguably makes the bold easier than you would like it to be.

How about next alliance we just accord anybody a 50% acclaim bead rate? You can just not aces them up if you want- I don't see why you would be adjoin that cheap poe currency. It isn't affecting how you play the game. Why are you aggravating to accumulate others down?