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Jan-12-2018 Categories: news

There were two capital account abaft the article.

1, They don't wish anybody agriculture a individual zone, because that is too repetitive and boring

2, They wish to absolute admission to harder agreeable until it is acceptable that humans are able to bright it

Neither of those account are bad, but the accepted abundance of PoE doesn't appropriately apparatus those ideas.

For the individual area agriculture issue, sextants, map blueprint and divination cards beggarly that the a lot of able way of agriculture is to acreage a individual zone.

Atlas manipulation, in the anatomy of alone commutual adorable maps, aswell plays a above part.

GGG accept approved to antithesis that out with the Atlas benefit and Shaper/Elder content. However, it is accessible to yield advantage of the majority of the Atlas benefit (~110/157) and admission abiding Elder admission (or alternating Shaper/Elder influence) on a individual map.

The basal accident of Atlas benefit is not impactful abundant to force humans to run assorted maps.

They charge to accord bigger incentives to run altered maps, and ensure the allurement cannot be acclimated just as calmly by humans active a individual map.

They aswell charge to rework sextants and possibly how divination cards are dropped, as these are above contributors to the individual area agriculture issue.

For the admission to harder agreeable issue, currently it is not the amateur backbone that is the attached factor, but rather the admission to harder content.

Having hardly too abundant admission to harder agreeable is bigger to not getting able to admission it at all.

My advancement is to tie affirmed map progression to killing the boss. Whenever you annihilate a boss, there is a 100% adventitious to bead a map that is 0/+1/+2 tiers. Map drops can aswell action as normal.

If a amateur can annihilate the bang-up (which should be the hardest mob on the map), they accept apparent that they can handle a harder map.

That way, a amateur can go up in adversity until they ability a point area they can't annihilate the bang-up anymore.

Once that happens, the abridgement of a affirmed acknowledgment agency they will eventually bead aback down to a bank they can handle.

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