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​POE - Stocking maps for aggregate sales

news Nov-12-2019

​POE - Stocking maps for aggregate sales

I absitively to try experimenting with ambience my map tabs up to dump maps that I'm not traveling to run and just wish to dump. To facilitate this, anniversary bank is priced @ 5-6c/X, area X varies depending on the tier.

It seems, however, that while barter websites are adequate about getting up foreground about what I in fact accept or don't accept players aren't consistently abundant about acquainted what's in fact available: poe.trade adeptness list, say, 5c/5 glaciers if I alone accept 4 glaciers, but it aswell displays my absolute banal and informs users that I don't accept the aggregate they wish if they do the buzz (the official site, mercifully, doesn't assume to account understocked maps at all).

I'm analytical as to whether there's a bigger way to access this affair afterwards application up a lot of added tab absolute estate, or accepting to acquire what's in fact in banal so that I don't accidentally allure anyone to buy a abundance of maps that I don't in fact have.

I'd like to accumulate the action of alms up whatever maps I don't wish to run as quick and simple as possible; getting able to just ample the map tab up and let humans buy if they so accept is simple in and of itself, but accepting to anticipate about what's in stock, and potentially arresting play time for annihilation runs adverse to the purpose.

At one point, I had anyone attack to buy 50 apparitional mansions from me if I acutely alone had 5; this, at least, is simple to handle, but something like a being requesting 5 of a map that I alone accept 3 or 4 of? I'm not acceptable to recall, in the moment, PoE trade currency that I alone accept 3 grottos, or whatever.

Any advice as we access New Alliance Season would be appreciated; thank you!