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Mar-15-2019 Categories: news

With a bit of polish, I anticipate Amalgam could be one of my admired leagues. However, some austere problems are currently captivation aback (in accession to some austere bugs)

Imo, the three bigger problems currently are:

1. The accepted UI does not accord us able accoutrement to plan out our runs

2. The complete action of active an able run feels bulky and unintuitive

3. The bulk of algebraic and airing to amalgamate items accurately is insane

So, some suggestions to abode these problems:

1, The a lot of important affair to do to advance your chains is to abode memories abaft you as they decay. However, there's no way to plan out your aisle in the UI if it involves pieces that are traveling to adulteration (which it consistently does, as they're corrupt constantly), authoritative the complete abstraction of planning things out kinda pointless. I'd advance absolution us put planned pieces on top of complete pieces (by putting the cellophane section on top of the complete one), that afresh become planned/placed pieces already those memories decay. This way we can in actuality plan out our abounding runs.

2, If watching ZiggyD's video, I could not accept that the complete advised way to play this alliance complex manually deleting pieces abaft you, bifold exhausted the machines at the alpha of a fragment, and afresh active into the abandoned when accepting a anamnesis modifier to acknowledgment to the entrance. All of those are bulky and unintuitive. To abode them:

A, Absolution us plan pieces on top of complete pieces fixes the allegation to manually annul addle memories - accept them automatically be planned if abrogation a addle memory, and automatically placed if starting an adjoining anamnesis (removing the allegation to double-click)

B, Add a aperture that links to the access of anamnesis modifier zones already you've calm the modifier and burst the decay. This aswell lets you get aback to your boodle if you accidentally run into the abandoned while aggravating to aggregate it (which can happen, as it can bead abominable abutting to the adulteration area)

3, Appearance a adverse with the bulk of currently placed memories, planned memories, and what the top complete is. It feels abominable to plan out a continued run, and just afore the end be affected to annul some of your memories that are loaded up with modifiers just because you weren't acquainted you would bang into the cap.

4, Let us plan memories in invalid configurations - such as if there's annihilation affiliated to that tile, or a aisle that makes that asphalt invalid - generally I end up planning out a run breadth that adjustment will be accurate by the time I get there, and it's annoying not to be able to plan it advanced of time.

A, On a accompanying note, planned tiles in invalid locations should be highlighted/glow red to accomplish that bright at a glance - whether they were placed there manually, or became invalid from a newly-spawned tile.

5, Now that datamining has acutely ample out how account amalgam works, it's bright the accountability it places on players to appoint with the arrangement is insane. Even if you apperceive how it works, you accept to looked up the thresholds for the implicits you want, attending over all your abject items that accept the absolute mods, add them up, PoE trade currency and afresh acquisition combinations that are valid. The bulk of plan that requires is batty - as is, the abandoned way I can see the majority of players engaging in the arrangement is if anyone writes a affairs that automatically goes through your backing and tells you what items you can amalgamate to possibly get your adapted results. And that's a complete sad accompaniment of affairs.

A, I anticipate there's in actuality a absolute simple fix to this - to the appropriate of the amalgamate screen, add a window blue-blooded "Strongest Accessible Outcomes", that lists the 3 accessible aftereffect implicits with the accomplished tier/weighting from the 3 items that are currently in the machine. This would let humans acquaint at a glance what they adeptness get. Players can glance at this window and see things like "oh wow assumption I allegation a bit added backbone to accept a adventitious at the college bank implicit" or "wow, not even top 3, assumption I should abrade and try for beneath debris overlapping affixes to advance my odds". This would let humans "eyeball” the outcomes afterwards accepting to do arduous calculations every individual time.

6, Finally: Backtracking. Honestly, I can't acquaint if this is an advised artisan or not. It feels like the way it should plan is that if you go aback into a anamnesis you just left, it consumes accession allegation as you go through. But the current numbers of accuse accept counterbalanced about the actuality that if you bright bound abundant you can backtrack afterwards arresting charges. But this makes it actually arresting if you don't accomplish it aback in time and it feels like you lose a charge for no complete reason. Not to acknowledgment the accessible - that backtracking is arid and time-consuming. I don't apperceive if I accept a bright advancement for this, but I admiration if it adeptness just be bigger to accept memories consistently absorb accuse when you go through them, eliminating back-tracking, and artlessly antithesis the allegation numbers about this (by accretion them aloft the board)

Hopefully GGG can apparatus some QOL changes and get this Alliance to shine, because I accept the abeyant is there!