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Sep-15-2018 Categories: news

I will alpha this by adage that from my apprenticed acquaintance i anticipate burrow goes core- with that getting said beneath i accept a few things that i alone would like to see balmy changes or tweaks too (but this is not a accuse thread, i am actual abundant adequate this league)

1) The sulphite agriculture accommodation and/or accumulating at college levels/depths to access with map tiers would be a nice QOL improvement- this ability accompany it afterpiece to beforehand sub200 base for agreeable time amid maps and delving.

2) Fossil and resonator aberration for those t2/t3 fossils and 4socket resonators- would be nice if there was still a baby adventitious they could appearance in the beforehand depths.

3) Weaponry, armoury, non bill chests assume rather underwhelming.

4) Would be nice if the arresting breadth of the cavern blueprint was a bit larger.

5) Trading while in the base is absolutely counterproductive if because the ambition of GGG to accept a added claimed trading acquaintance because you can't leave a abyss breadth .... someway to barter while in ur abundance affected would be appreciated.

6) Those apartment that crave bang to lay a path- would be nice if that boodle was added advantageous than agnate apartment already pathed too by default.

Just some suggestions from my apprenticed play experience, absorbed to apprehend what some of you others would like.