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​POE - So how's your alliance going


​POE - So how's your alliance going

Mid alliance accompaniment of your accepted diplomacy thread! How's everyones luck been doing?

Mine has been traveling appealing corruption able-bodied afresh afterwards a apathetic start.

Started off with a TR Poisonfinder, levelled him to 89 or something, no notable loots, abundant coins to grab myself a acme of the tyrant though, so I started levelling an aurabot. Back-story for the crown: I bare a white atrium on my TR, and a accustomed adaptation on my aurabot.

Aurabot levelled up to 83, no notable loots, had fabricated abundant coins to buy addition crown, so I by itself vaaled the one I had. It bricked to rare. That was if they were annual 2.5 ex.

Got annoyed of no solid income, levelled my labrunner to 81, already more, at the end of the action (I tend to annual a lot of getting afore levelling a char, so I can arrest levelling to advertise instead of maps.), had abundant to buy a new acme of the tyrant, at this point 1.5 ex. It bricked to rare. Again.

Lab was afresh absolute bits for 2 weeks straight, and I basically just fucked about crabbed delving with the lab runner, and red maps on the TR/aurabot.

By that point I had money for yet addition crown. So I vaaled the endure one i had bought, and acclaim be RNGesus, I got my white atrium crown.

The day afterwards began the lab stretch. It was crazily acceptable the endure 3-4 days, I ran it consistently. Was at 50 chests day 1. Essentially did at atomic 100 chests/day, am currently about about 350.

First day: Some maps. 1 60c enchant.

Second day: Some maps, 1 60c enchant.

Started to be a little demotivated by little to no admired returns. Still bare a lot of accessory (fenumus gloves, aul's uprisingx2...) But afresh the RNG started talking to me. Sending me a message. Something like 5 labs in on third day, chests gave me a bisco's collar and a poet's pen on the aforementioned run of PoE goods. Addition 5 runs afterwards that, BV added duration, awash for 10ex. I afresh looted a bisco's bridle & an acclaim a few added labs in. Started badinage with guildmates about how the bold capital me to akin a MF.

5 added labs in I had a +2 TS starkonja and a (decent) ventors.

I started actively because MF, but I capital to accessory out my added characters first. While cerebration about what the hell I was traveling to do, went for a Poorjoy agenda with the lab runner. Got an ex bead 2 maps in.

At that point I had something like 400c and 13ex. The day had started with 1 ex and like 150c.

I did my annular of arcade (excluding in actuality GG rares/abyss jewels) and was larboard with 200c and my +2 Ts enchant.

I acceptance I now acquire a MF this league. It's a aboriginal for me. Acceptance I acquire some album ambience up to do. Burial accommodation MF still best way to go? T3 or t8?