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​POE - Small QOL to accomplish bane better

news Nov-28-2019

​POE - Small QOL to accomplish bane better

- With bane traveling bulk and as anyone who played a lot of of this season, I anticipation I'd column a QOL that would accomplish the artisan feel decidedly better.

- A bulk affair with bane is that it can get absolutely agitated abnormally in austere maps and it becomes difficult to do something as simple as buy or advancement towers.

- A bane UI could go a continued way, with buttons that could either body or advancement the abutting location.

- Addition advantage would be to add after-effects to austere maps. It would be nice to accept a blow aeon to animation (they are so intense) and build/strategize. This would accept a ancillary annual of authoritative it feel added like a acceptable Tower Defense game!

Thank you for reading.