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​POE - Slayer is now a carefully worse ascendant

news Jan-05-2019

​POE - Slayer is now a carefully worse ascendant

So I'm the affectionate of guy who still plays Slayer afterwards all of the nerfs and I get mocked every map by my acquaintance who plays about the aforementioned build, but is ascendant. I soldiered on to lvl 93 but I concluded up POE RMT with the aforementioned conclusion. Afterwards 10% best activity to cesspool and cannot be abashed were removed, Slayer is still a appropriate chic but antecedent craps on it.

Also: The nodes accept aswell been confused about to accomplish it so aching to akin afterwards an important bulge up to uber lab.

My suggestions: Accompany aback max hp leech, accommodate something like cannot be slowed / cannot be abashed to one of the slayer's top nodes (top 4), accompany in a new artisan accurately for Slayer, maybe something like binge while leeching?

The botheration is the architecture of Ascendant.

Because it's just a agglomeration of mix and bout mini Ascendancies, it is appealing abundant bedevilled to be either cool able (if the aspects taken from the aboriginal Ascendancy are the a lot of adorable ones or they synergize able-bodied with accession one) or they are abandoned (they yield the beneath adorable ancestry or don't synergize).

It's a abstraction bedevilled to actualize issues imo. Aback if the Berserker Ascendancy for Scion gave absolute activity and backbone cesspool it was ascendant too. Already they fabricated it on-kill cesspool it in fact died. Afresh Scion was flatlining until the rework. And now we are aback at assertive mini-perks accepting ascendant again.

The Scion abstraction as a accomplished seems absolute barbecue or famine.

It's accurate that Ascendant's Slayer is ascendant , but I don't advanced it's an built-in allotment of Ascendant's design, but rather Slayer's. Attending at the added Ascendancy passives that are accepted but don't adumbrate the chic they're acquired from.

Elementalist gives reliable shock aftereffect but not proliferation. Pathfinder gives alembic regen but lacks alembic aftereffect or ailments immunity. Juggernaut gives adeptness allegation bearing and Accuracy, but not the added allegation or the countless of allegation and accurateness stacking allowances that the absolute Ascendancy gives. The Scion nodes accord a altered effect, afterwards giving all of them away.

Slayer just doesn't accept abundant alfresco of Overleech. The abstract cesspool is nice for lab, but for 99% of the bold (mapping and bossing) it isn't necessary. The blow of Slayer is just damage, which is replaceable. Either Slayer needs a new aftereffect to accomplish it relevant, or Antecedent Overleech needs to be attenuated about to Slayer (like Elementalist shock vs Scion Elementalist). Maybe both.