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Nov-30-2018 Categories: news

From what I apperceive: They're a accumulation of humans that rose afore on the Azmeri civilization. They approved avengement against the Elder that would kidnap their accouchement in the night to augment himself.

They credible the actuality of the Elder if a nameless god of Wraeclast absorbed an Azmeri mother with the ability of its existence. From then, a accumulation of aching parents formed accepted as "The Watchers of Decay".

They battled the Elder as they could, but weren't able abundant to exhausted it, so they resorted to apprehend him, hopefully forever, acknowledgment to a weapon called "Starforge", which was a brand that could breach "agency" (= spirit) and body, alteration it into a rock algid statue.

This is ambrosial abundant all I've aggregate from Zana's dialogues/Memory fragments.

Now assimilate my belief: First, I've heard some theories that the statues in the Elder's amphitheatre were the physique of childrens he ate the memories of. I would say, afterwards analytical those statues, that they don't attending like accouchement at all in agreement of animal proportions, but absolute abundant like adults.

Also, they're algid stone. As far as we know, accepting your memories eaten by Elder doesn't assume to transform the victims in statues.

But we apperceive something abroad that about-face you into algid stone: Starforge' power. What if those statues area The old Watchers of Adulteration bodies that got breach from their minds with the adeptness that absorbed Starforge?

I don't accept any abstraction as how that would appear as we don't even apperceive how they managed to use Starforge's powers, besides Valdo award it abiding in the Elder's statue.

Now assimilate Zana. It's ambrosial accessible that Zana has some abnormal powers. She can absorber herself about actually from the Decay's powers. That's right, she adeptness be wielding admiral ahead captivated by the Watchers of Decay. Maybe she even apperceive added about them than we do (as players).

My capital affidavit of that is the top of the Atlas. You can see Zana, weilding some power, which seems to be ablaze and black ("anti-decay" and adulteration ?), as if she was advancement the antithesis amid the 2.

And then, appropriate beneath her, you accept what looks a lot absolute abundant like a Watcher's Eye (it's credible if you attending at the average anatomy in the eye and the picture, they both accept that "peanut" shape) ambit her with some sorts of tendrils.

She had admission to her father's research, and begin some infos on the Watchers in there. Maybe she managed to get some of their above-mentioned ability on how to activity the Decay's admiral ? I don't anticipate we've apparent the endure of her yet.

I know, it's a ambrosial continued apprehend by that's poe's belief for you (Path of exile currency fullstock).

What do you anticipate ? Do you aswell accept advice on the Watchers that anybody absent ? Do you conjecture something about them?

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