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​POE - Shadow Trickster Chrysalis Acrimony Build

news Oct-22-2019

​POE - Shadow Trickster Chrysalis Acrimony Build

Theory Crafting in my apperception because I don't accept PC and PoB is not simple on mobile. Can anyone admonition me out with a new(to me) idea? Shadow Trickster Chrysalis Acrimony Build.

Current Primary skills: Cobra Lash, Pestilent Strike, Plague Bearer. All accept recommended supports for adulteration accident additional Void Support, will in time alter some of the adulteration supports with Chaos supports, explained below.

Currently bound to 5/4/3 links st akin 42. I plan to add Despair already I get my calmly on a Cast on Hit support.

Primary aegis is Evasion with some ES from absolute as secondary. Backbone bleed and regen are good. Absolute basal resists are minimum 70% for all but Chaos which is 45% currently.

Need to physique up activity regen/leach a little added so I can get abroad with one X Sacred Activity of Staunching (for those big hits)and the blow appropriate flasks for situational buffs/defenses.

Current weapons are attenuate imp daggers. One is top +Phys% and +Chaos Dmg with +Life & Mana%, The added is top +Phys% and +Poison Dmg with Basal resists and backbone regen on hit.

The abstraction is to physique a able poison/phys/chaos build( PoE currency for both clears and bosses), afresh use the Trickster Ascendency to use the Phys->Chaos artisan to accord bifold Chaos and Adulteration for a "Patient Approach".

What I beggarly by that is I'm not a fan of one shotting accomplished screens, but what I like is to alpha on one ancillary of an breadth and accomplish my way bound to the added while watching them abatement like dominos abaft me from DoT and move on.

Same for bosses, I like to assemblage DoT afresh balk to brushoff while watching the HP Bar steadily decline.

Any thoughts? Bigger Evasive, Evasive & ES, or Evasive/Armor?

I'm at akin 42 in Act 4 and aggregate melts. Unfortunately I've been clumsy to complete the aboriginal balloon due to consecutive disconnects for clumsy to affix to instance.