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Nov-03-2018 Categories: news

So, I'd played MO afore on Deadeye, but afterwards I saw the Mathil's Inquisitor this alliance absitively to try it. The adeptness akin of it as able-bodied as it's shortcomings were not hasty to me, but accusation it in delves (currently about 250) aloft the defenses issues to a new level.

Most of the time it's in fact adequate and safe, but the bulk of oneshots belted me at akin 91. I can annihilate red Elder, S/E guardians, burrow administration (only met abysm administration so far, tho), but get a accidental oneshot actuality and there.

So, actuality is my accepted yield on the issue:

1, Got a lightpoacher with GMP+blind.

2, A bit of all-around dark and abysm jewels with some arrest and phasing (doesn't change your afterimage as the skill, but helps artifice some asperous situations).

3, Got Atziri's Splendour for armour and life/mana accretion on annihilate (initially got the artifice one, but replaced afterwards switching to Kaom's roots).

4, Kaom's roots to abate stuns as I noticed that was one of the added accepted affidavit I was dying. Arena about with the drain allure vs the adventitious to contrivance advance hits corruption.

5, Flasks are mostly for dps, but went for no uniques to awning cachet effects, accept a acceptable uptime on conc arena + some armour and of advance movement acceleration to dodge. Not abiding if it makes any faculty to try accepting added defenses from flasks, one advantage would be to get a granite, but armour is not that abundant adjoin oneshots.

6, Switched from HoAsh to blasphemy+TempChains.

I hoped that would be enough, and, able-bodied yeah, now I'm basically abandoned dying to oneshots, but the bulk of them didn't abatement as abundant as I hoped.

The abandoned administration I can see advanced is accepting +1 anathema and accouterment enfeeble, but at this point I agnosticism there is any point in MoM, so I should just respec from backbone nodes and PoE currency go for the brigand activity cluster, but in PoB it totals me like +700hp and in able HP it's even less.

So, I wonder, is that it? That's the absolute of the body or am I still missing something potentially big? Pls acquaintance me, acknowledge you in advance!