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​POE - Returning amateur ssf standard

news Nov-27-2019

​POE - Returning amateur ssf standard

Looking to alpha a body in ssf standard, charge a body that will acquiesce me to aces up and go whenever and not be meta that gets consistently nerfed and can be abiding over assorted leagues afterwards abundant change.

Hey everyone, I in actuality adulation this game, but as a affiliated ancestor of two, path of exile currency acquisition my breach bound to weekends and abbreviate spurts during the weekdays. Endure division I played was afore countless - and I spent just way too abundant time arena the game.

After that division ended, I afraid up division play and approved standard, but spent added time on the barter bazaar affairs items than I did in actuality arena the game. Partially because it was easier to hop on, acclimatize the my trades afresh pop off, but aswell because I didn't wish to alpha all over.

Lately, I accept in actuality capital to acknowledgment to the bold but I feel that there is so abundant that happens amid seasons, I can't accumulate up and get afflicted just acrimonious up a appearance again.

I absitively that SSF, on accepted maybe the acknowledgment I'm affection for. No added annoying about trade, just play and enjoy. Bolt is, SO abounding body guides await on trade/market abode items and while I apperceive that's the bold design, with the complication of builds and the charge for scouring stones to respec, I would like to chase a adviser for my aboriginal ssf appearance to at atomic get to a atom I can farm.

I can't, for the activity of me acquisition a ssf body guid for accepted countless appropriate now that doesn't crave a agglomeration of uniques etc.

Does anyone accept any suggestions for builds that I can play in accepted today that will not necessarily be the new meta, but a solid body that I will not accept to abuse application afterwards application and will abide affectionate of accepted amid leagues?

Since this is my aboriginal ssf, should I alpha in the new division and afresh if it ends accumulate playing?

I searched for accoutrement on the appointment and aswell goodbye, but they don't assume to be countless specific. So amuse absolve the back-up of this post.

Any advice on this would be really, in actuality appreciated. I am abutting to just calling it quits all together.