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​POE - Redesigning the Coil to be Infinite

news Nov-29-2019

​POE - Redesigning the Coil to be Infinite

For 4.0 or whenever GGG decides to change how you get advantage classes/points it would be absorbing to accumulate the Coil as an end-game Delve-like absolute dungeon. The bolt would be that every abundance allowance you would accept the option to pay one Offering to the Goddess to accomplish addition coil with college monster akin and rewards, stacking and capping at map lv83(T16 maps).

How it would work:

> To access the Coil it would crave you to pay an Offering to the Goddess and it would accomplish a low end-game akin Coil (merc lab is lv68). Afterwards allowance the Lab, PoE currency every abundance allowance instead of the Altar of Advantage (the thingy you bang to accept your advantage points) it would accept addition aperture and the advantage to pay addition Offering to the Goddess and accomplish addition accidental Coil with a college map akin than your accepted Labyrinth.

> The low akin beforehand layouts would be easier like normal/cruel Lab but afterwards assertive map akin it would accomplish merc layouts afresh abandoned uber lab layouts. At map akin 83(Guardians) you would still be able to accomplish added accidental Labyrinths but capped at map lvl83. You would be able to abide this lab band indefinetly until you either abdicate or die to a lv83 Izaro Slam(Uber lab is maplv75 btw).

Reward Structure:

> It would be applicable to accept bigger rewards the best you break in the Absolute Coil like added keys abandoned from Izaro at college map levels and dank getting like Shaper Fragments and/or Shaper/Elder/Whathever3.9is afflicted accessory from lv83 Labyrinths.

> If the allure arrangement continues like it is appropriate now I assumption advance the Divine Fountain akin every 3~4 completed Labyrinths would be accomplished but I'm not awash in this abstraction yet.

So, what do you humans anticipate about this concept? Surely the way to aquire Offerings would accept to change to accomodate something like this and possibly even access the appeal for offerings that a lot of humans would advertise to bots anyway.

From a buildmaking angle what would a Deep-Lab agriculturalist crave to consistently face traps, top akin monsters and a Super beefed-up Izaro?

Would the humans who asks for the acknowledgment of the Maelstrom of Chaos be blessed with this? Accepting stacking bead bonuses increases even afterwards max map akin could advance to ambiguous bread-and-butter impacts with every Offering giving anytime accretion returns, what would a acceptable investment/return arrangement because accepting to the max lv83 Lab could be absolute time consuming?