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​POE - Randoms Thoughts on the Playerbase during a Dead League

news Nov-03-2019

​POE - Randoms Thoughts on the Playerbase during a Dead League

I grinded from 98 to 100, over a week. The bullwork was a new acquaintance for me, even afterwards 1000+ hours of POE. Aswell new were the amusing interactions from Niko rotas, Beachhead rotas, and ambuscade in Global 820. Actuality are some non-scientific thoughts:

The playerbase is predominately Euro and Pan-Asian. This is based on the Realm/Server that humans accept called (so no China or Console). Frankfurt and Moscow dominate, and there's a absolutely a bit application Singapore and Seoul. As an American, I did not apprehend how abundant of a boyhood that I am. Humans aswell animosity accepting to cantankerous the ocean and affix to Cali/Texas/WashDC, during rotations. Has GGG anytime appear amateur counts based on anniversary Realm/Server?

The low point of the circadian amateur calculation is 10PM - 2AM PST. Which is 5AM to 9AM GMT. This isn't new, aback Steamcharts demonstrates this with acute consistency. On the flipside, the aiguille circadian amateur calculation is absolutely opposite, 10AM - 2PM PST. As anyone who consistently plays during this low point, I can adjure to how 'small' and 'niche' POE can feel as an online game. If you wish the a lot of able-bodied multiplayer experience, again you charge to abstain arena at a low time, and accent arena on weekends.

GGG abacus in the Korea Server aback in Legion was a game-saving decision. Korean players are present and persistent. They've helped to addition the alive barter economy, abnormally during the circadian base of players. I don't wish to brainstorm Dead Alliance Blight afterwards the Korean players bolstering up the all-embracing amateur counts (which alone GGG knows).

Blight has the everyman complete amateur calculation of any alliance in POE's avant-garde era of 3.0. According to Steamcharts, it was in Anniversary 6 that the aiguille amateur calculation fell to about 20k. The next abutting alliance is Synthesis in Anniversary 7, which still takes the block as the bigger and a lot of adverse abatement in about amateur calculation ever. I apperceive a lot of humans like to invalidate the Steam numbers, but the basal trend that Steamcharts shows should be acutely apropos to any person who claims to affliction about POE, or the bloom of GGG.

POE's accepted aisle is that of a China-only, or a Western-marginalized title. If Western amateur counts were improving, the Steam numbers would access to appearance that. You cannot accept advance in the Western bazaar that is somehow not also reflected in Steam numbers; Steam is artlessly too basic for POE's acknowledgment and growth. From a business perspective, I could see the accommodation accepting fabricated to stop acknowledging or pandering to the Western market.

See you guys on December 6th, if the abstruse lag traveling on somehow gets anchored in time!