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Oct-13-2018 Categories: news

Quit the alliance due to addict but I was apprehensive if anyone has any suggestions for convalescent this rather fun/nice physique I experimented with. I nicknamed it "The adaptable bunker".

Weapon: Rippling thoughts

Shield: Unshattered will

Premise: Go elementalist, use the new beloved nodes to assemblage all-around damage. Yield basal overload.

Use Brand Flurry CwChanneling Arc. Amazing individual target, amazing AoE. Thanks to all-around damage, you calibration both brand flurry and arc as able-bodied as minions.

5 Zombies as crust and a rock golem, use Brand flurry with thunderfist (Blade Flurry, CwC, Arc, Added Lightning accident + 1) and angelic antique x2 with geoffreys for 6 affiliated phys to lightning nova emitters.

Thing is that commonly the bribery for Brand flurry is accepting accessible if something gets close, but due to the angelic relics, annihilation that enters anywhere abreast me got destroyed. The playstyle acquainted like a "mobile bunker" because I'm sitting there unleashing hell from a anchored position.

Enemies at range? Destroyed by arc. Enemies at melee? Destroyed by BF+Holy relics. Individual target? Brand flurry got you covered. AOE? Angelic charcoal and arc got you covered.

I can't advice to anticipate though, that this physique could be optimized. I went elementalist, but hell, occultist and necro are just as viable.

Thing is the starting pathing of the witch is SOOOO BAAAAaaaad and I abhorrence arena templar due to the model.

So maybe Scion, Trickster, Jugger or even Duelist would be better?

I feel like brigand is too far abroad from the beloved nodes, exact adverse position. But I can brainstorm brigand accepting able with this.

So yeah. That's the build. I'm burnt out from this alliance but I will be playing/theorycrafting this for the next one because it is one of the a lot of fun self-made builds I've made PoE currency. I'd just like some suggestions/advice for convalescent it.