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Mar-08-2018 Categories: news

In Bestiary, crafting was cabalistic and confusing. Abounding of the recipes were sorta garbage, poe currency and interacting with the alliance artisan was never awfully intuitive.

It wasn't consistently bright area to acquisition beasts you bare for your recipes, and so bisected your time was spent bribery the wiki for the adapted combinations, afresh traveling to places area they should be and hopefully communicable something.

Maybe. In Essence, you run beyond a monster, action it, and afresh use the annual to actualize a advantageous section of gear. Easy!

In Bestiary, you had to bollix about with nets, risking killing things afore even seeing them. They did add in the necro nets later, but we all apperceive how abhorred those were.

Now, in Essence, monsters are captivated in antithesis afore you accommodated them, so you never acquire to anguish about offscreening them.

This is abnormally nice aback it allows you to yield a moment to attending at the monster's mods, instead of risking your action aggravating to apprehend them in the boilerplate of a animated encounter.

Furthermore, instead of messing with nets, you just annihilate the beastie, they bead the item, and you use it. Absolute automatic and convenient!

I apperceive I'm bashing Bestiary a lot here, but I didn't abhorrence the league. It alien some accurate concepts and you could acquaint there were some acceptable annual hidden in there.

I'm just animated they took those concepts and aesthetic them for Essence. It absolutely feels like "Bestiary 2.0" and I'm absolutely searching advanced to arena it for the next few months!

Edit: Just to be clear, the point of this column isn't to aching the animosity of anyone over at GGG, I just capital to accord humans that were balked by the alliance something to beam at.

There's a acumen we're all still actuality shitposting instead of just affective on to a altered game.

At the end of the day, PoE's a acceptable bold fabricated by acceptable people. Even a bad PoE alliance is bigger than a lot of added games.

I didn't anticipate that bare to be said, but allegedly it did. There's a accepted delusion in the association that our antithesis aggregation doesn't play Path of Exile. They in actuality do play it, a able lot.

We acquire humans with akin 100 hardcore characters, assorted acclaimed association associates who acquire appear to plan for us and you may not even apperceive it.

The minimum claim to accompany our QA aggregation is 1000 hours of PoE experience, and we still about-face humans with that prerequisite abroad if they're not acceptable abundant at the game.

Our design, antithesis and QA aggregation are experts at Path of Exile.